Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fall Leaf Tutorial

It's only been a year since I was asked for a tutorial for my Fall Leaf.
Not bad, eh?  Except that I forgot and was inadvertently reminded that I wanted to do this for Fall. 
(Thank you, Joelle, for the nudge)
The photos are not great, but they are clearly instructional.
First off, draw, trace, or photocopy a leaf to the actual finish size you will want.  Be sure your leaf can be divided nicely.  Then trace the outline to the paper side of Wonder Under.  (Or any fusible you choose).
Next, mark the dividing lines on the fusible and slice/cut the pieces apart. 
Trim around the outer leaf area.  Also separate one lower leaf section from the stem as shown below.

Fuse each leaf section to your fabric selections.
These leaves can be any coloring you choose ... orange, red, yellow, green, brown ...

Next, trim each section right on your traced lines.  Lay the pieces together as close as possible on your background fabric.

Fuse them in place.

First stitch closely around the outside edge of the leaf design with a short-ish straight stitch.
When you begin to sew the sections, with bating, they will want to separate slightly.  I filled this space first with a row of straight stitch. 

I then go back along that row stitching next to the first stitching and add the leaf veins by stitching out several stitches then coming back along side the first stitches.
Once the veins are sewn, I shorten the stitch length and I stitch the leaf sections together with a narrow zig zag stitch just wide enough to catch both fabric pieces of the leaf sections and give them that heavier looking main vein.
Now, if that isn't as clear as mud, I am more than happy to clarify anything that might be confusing.
 Happy Fall


  1. Wowee Annie,this is a wonderful makes me want to start cutting everything up into leaf shapes now😃

    You always make everything look so effortless. This is one beautiful little work of art,you are one very smart lady and a little star shining brightly in this crafting world of ours

    Extra big leafy hugs
    Donna xxx

  2. Annie this is a terrific tutorial. Clear and beautiful. Thanks so much.

  3. Great tutorial, as clear as the clearest stream. I've enjoyed seeing these beautiful textiles again and love the final piece all over again.

  4. Thank you so much! Stunning as always. This rockets to near the top of my list of projects (Christmas gifts taking precedence).

  5. Thanks for the 'how to'. I think I'll head down into the dungeon to sew up a couple of my own today. Crossing my fingers that they actually LOOK like leaves when I'm finished. :)

  6. Thanks Annie for a fabulous tutorial!
    I shall definitely be trying this!

  7. Annie, Great tutorial! Your leaves are wonderful with all different fabrics. I love the background on the last piece and I am guessing it is woven.

  8. Oh Annie, you make it look so simple. It is a great tutorial. I need to go out in the backyard and find a perfect leaf. Thanks so much!

  9. Thanks for a wonderful tutorial. I like the Leaf very much and I will try to sew one a Day in November.

  10. Oh, you're so clever! I bet there is going to be a real influx of leafy quilts coming out now. Everyone will want to try this. Thanks for the great instructions.

  11. Fab tutorial! I've been wanting to do something like this but wasn't sure how to do it! Thanks so much for 'clear as mud' instructions!!!

  12. Fab tutorial! I've been wanting to do something like this but wasn't sure how to do it! Thanks so much for 'clear as mud' instructions!!!

  13. Stunning! THANKS so much for your tutorial!! I will be using it (after I begin some Christmas things! lol)
    I just adore the orange and green color pops on the black and white patchwork background!
    Your work is so inspiring, Annie!

  14. You are a wizard with a sewing machine and a design maven for sure.
    I wonder what maven means - anyway, you are most talented and I love visiting your blog.
    Sandy xx

  15. Great tutorial! Your work always amazes me, this is gorgeous.

  16. Awesome tutorial! I am bookmarking it so I can come back and try it this evening! It's just beautiful!

  17. That's a great tutorial and I just love Fall projects. If you decide to send that postcard, I'm ready to receive! LOL

  18. Gorgeous. Thanks for the tutorial!

  19. Well done dear! Your tutorial is excellent. I love how the leaf actually pops off the busy black and white fabric background. The little green accent lines are the perfect compliment. Thank you for sharing your Creative Leaf Bliss...

  20. Beautiful leaves! Thanks for the tutorial.


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