Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring Greetings

Happy Easter and Happy Spring
to Ruthie
and to Everyone

The bunny is from Nancy Halverson's book titled Easy Does It For Winter.

I really must learn to look at the photo "before" mailing the postcard...that stray fabric thread is driving me nutso!

Enjoy the season


  1. That's a super bunny with a lovely scarf, some people know how to wear a scarf with panache. I like the flowers too, simple but so effective.
    Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

  2. Wow this design is just fabulous and I don't see a stray thread.

    Hugs diane

  3. Ah this is yumsome beyond belief Annie! Such a sweet looking little rabbit and I can't see any loose thread...there isn't any as I know your sewing is perfect ;)
    Big Easter egg hugs
    Donna xxx

  4. Yes just the right mix. Still breezy and cool for a scarf, but the flowers are putting on their best show! Happy Easter to you!

  5. That scarf really has attitude. Love it, and the flowers, not to mention the sweet bunny.

  6. Beautiful work as always! Love the bunny.

  7. Annie, Thank you again. My sweet card came through the mail in perfect condition and you know I love it. I am also amazed at how great the binding looks in real life.

  8. Happy Spring and a joyous Easter to you, Annie! Lovely card!

  9. What stray thread. Are you nutso? It's like looking for Waldo!!
    Beautifully done Sugar,
    Sandy xx

  10. What a sweet bunny this is. I love how the fabric makes it looks like he's got a big smile on his face. And the binding is very fun. As for the stray thread, let's just say the flower is reaching out to touch the bunny's scarf and call it good.

  11. So cute, i don't see any stray threads,

  12. Adorable. I had to look long and hard to find the thread! I do the same thing.

  13. Happy Spring and Happy Easter Blessings Dear...

  14. This brought a smile this morning when I saw it. Didn`t even bother looking for a stay thread. Lovely work So well finished


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