Monday, April 6, 2015

House #6

The Tag It On challenge theme this time is 
A Rainbow of Colours

Hooray, another using of my Neocolors II.  (for coloring the house)
I hate when supplies are expensive then they just sit there staring at me, daring me to try and figure out how to use them.  

The number and words are stamped with Ranger Distress Inks.

And the back...

I'll bet you thought some sweet little old lady lived there.  :-)

Happy Tagging,


  1. I like the "dream" "inspire" and "create" on the house. And I like that you've got me wondering what's up with the "science listings". Your tags and postcards always have something that draws me in and keeps me looking/thinking.

  2. Pink and lime green, my favourite colour combination so I'll be very happy to visit No. 6. I think there is a sweet old lady living there already and this is her nephew who has brought her two blue flowers and a butterfly which he knows she likes.
    Your tag is beautifully illustrated and I love your delicate use of colour.

  3. Ha ha I KNEW it would be a handsome young man....bad Annie! Gorgeous tag,I'm yet to try Neocolors,I'm so tired of getting pastels that are not water soluble when they say they are but these are supposed to be aren't they?
    Oh and you can say what you want about my sewing prowess...I know it's useless lol
    Extra big transatlantic hugs
    Donna xxx

  4. Oh...I see it says "residence listings" now. What a spaz I am! Even if the D had been a C it wouldn't have spelled science. Man! I need some chocolate...

  5. Wow, I love the back as much as the front! Great idea.

  6. You are so funny and your ART is so fabulous! I have the same issues with my expensive supplies that merely sit on a shelf and don't do what I bought them to do! Creative Tag Bliss Dear...

  7. Such gorgeous works of art! Every detail is perfect:)

  8. Wonderful! You are right . A nice little old lady lives in this house with a younger nan. She is a cougar!!
    Sandy xx

  9. It's so great! Love the lil ole lady there! Gorgeous colors, Annie!

  10. I always love to see your tags, Annie - so original and creative! I also love that you give us double the creativity by giving just as much attention to the backs as the front! This time it's even a tease - who lives here? Lovely work as always. Thank you for dreaming with the Dragons! xx

  11. This is such a wonderful tag Annie and love the neocolours- I use mine quite a lot. Thanks for joining us at Dragons Dream challenge this week
    x catherine


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