Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Postcard Exchange

Last November I joined in a Christmas Postcard Exchange with other like-minded bloggers, hosted by Sheila at Sheila's Quilt World. I mailed my postcard to Lin in Paris. 

This card seems to have taken the scenic route, as it took a bit long in arriving. But finally arrived, it did.  just as I was about to start on a replacement postcard. Sometimes all we need to do is threaten our original mail art with replacement mail art. 

I did not have the long wait that Lin had. Her beautiful postcard arrived well before Christmas for my holiday enjoyment.

I love all these perfectly made hexies stitched together with such perfect and incredibly tiny, barely visible stitches. And something I've not seen before, teeny tiny beads stitched at each inside point. All finished off with a metallic thread satin stitched edge. Thank you so much Lin for this beautiful postcard. 

This day after Christmas is a great time to look back on Christmas Day and all the days leading up to it and reminisce on the beauty of this season with a smile. I hope everyone has happy hearts. 



  1. Your own postcard is so lovely and Christmassy, do I see machine stitching all round the snowflake? Pretty good sewing. I like the twirly stitching going across the stripes too.
    Glad it finally arrived. I wonder what it was doing meantime.

  2. Our American mail going across "the pond" does take a very lot longer than their mail coming to us. Hmmm...
    Your fabric postcards both sent and received are beautiful. The details on this small venue is amazing. Great swapping is priceless. 2016 Blessings Dear...

  3. I love her little flower "star" in the top hexi too!

  4. I was so pleased when it finally turned up Annie - thank you very much. xx

  5. Beautiful and AMAZING postcard! I can't believe the stuff you make. Thanks as always for sharing. Hugs.

  6. I absolutely love your Christmas postcard! Glad it finally made it to your recipient! The tiny beads are a fun accent on the one you received

  7. I absolutely love your Christmas postcard! Glad it finally made it to your recipient! The tiny beads are a fun accent on the one you received

  8. You made a beautiful card Annie and you received a pretty one too! We got snow yesterday here, about 4". It's a white after Christmas.

  9. What a perfect swap you two have with each other as partners! Both postcards are mini treasures!
    Happy New Year!

  10. Great to see the postcards. Your finish always looks so good The satin stitched edge and the border. Like the snowflake. Nice selection of Christmas fabrics on the hexies

  11. I love the postcards. As always your creativity and workmanship are outstanding. The little hexie tree is so cute and the satin stitching looks great. I would say a nice exchange for both of you

  12. Amazing Annie -- And to think it is a post card!!! What a beautiful patch work quilt it would make!!!
    I have been the slouch who stole Christmas this year but hope to be productive in 2016!
    I wish you a very healthy and happy 2016 - and a 2016 calendar would be nice too!!
    Sandy xx

  13. The postcards are both just beautiful , so glad they have arrived safely for each of you to enjoy :-)

  14. Both postcards are really pretty.
    Everyone at the post office must have been passing yours around that's why it took so long. It happens. LOL


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