Thursday, December 3, 2015

November 2015 and Where I Play

November 2015 is behind us now.  

Here's how it went for me.  

I cleaned up my play space just before Thanksgiving.  I don't do it often and I seem to always be playing in a mess.  Play time is too minimal to waste it cleaning up.  So here's a peek into my "tidy" happy place.

Look quick, it won't last long.



  1. I tend to play in a mess too, LOL!! That looks like an 1130 Bernina? I have one of those as well as a few other machines too! I love my Bernina. Happy playing Annie.

  2. I always love seeing your journal pages. Sewing and We shall eat turkey made me smile. As does Nov. 27.
    A clean play space, what is that like??? Mine is always chaotic in one form or another. Love your wall art! I still have the post card you sent me where I can see it every day. It makes me smile.

  3. A busy month for you, and beautifully documented. I love your monthly journal layouts, Annie. A gorgeous way to preserve memories!

    Love your tidy creative space and chuckling over your words, "look quick, it won't last long". Mine is currently in a jumble with so many projects underway, a tidying up session will be needed in the near future! ;o)

  4. I love the tags on the wall. Great to view others spaces. The Nov pages are great especially the little bird. Looking forward to seeing December. I enjoy a cleanup after a project but it all looks a bit sad until the juices flow again.

  5. You really have a wonderful space and lots of wonderful supplies. I seem to never have my space tidy for very long. Right now I don't even see a floor or a table top due to every horizontal surface is piled high with "good intentions". Seeing your monthly calendar pages working as creative journal pages is great fun. Christmas Calm Dear...

  6. I always enjoy looking at your journals, they are so clean and interesting! Just like your studio. I wish mine was clean, I'm still working in the mess, yours looks lovely.

  7. Well you know I have always said your calendars are a work of art - they really are!!
    Love your work space especially your work table. Mine is quite narrow.
    Sandy xx

  8. How good to see your work area, I can now visualise you sitting at it.
    I want to take these tags down from the wall and examine every one minutely!
    Very interesting to read your calendar and see a snippet of your day.
    Day 7 !!!!!!!
    Ice cream lunch - sounds yummy, haven't had one of those for a long while, if ever.
    Looking forward like anything to see a Snowman Quilt.
    And I like how you fill the remaining squares too.

  9. I love your pages, and I'm looking forward to making some myself next year. Thanks for the great inspiration. Your sewing space looks fantastic!

  10. Your journal is a work of art. Your art space is to die for, love love it. I bet when it's messy it is just as awesome. Thanks so much for sharing with everybody. The only thing better, would be to see it all in person. Love art studios...

  11. I sometimes wish blogs had a "like" button! My space is a mess, and it will stay that way until after Christmas - have a good one!

  12. I love seeing your art calendars, and thank you for sharing your play space! It looks so organized! It seems like Mine is in a constant state of disaster !!! lol

  13. Your calendars are always so pretty! And your play room looks wonderful! I try to tidy mne every time I start a new project, but it doesn't always happen!


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