Sunday, March 6, 2016

Mad March Hare Postcard

This week at the Sunday Postcard Art challenge blog the theme is Mad as a March Hare.  This theme worked perfectly for my Mad March Hare Easter postcards.  

The fun White Rabbit needed to be on the address side of my postcard this time.

I did not think up this idea.  I saw it on Pinterest and the only link I could find to the envelope artwork and artist was Here .  You will need to scroll down until you come to the envelope.

This is what I've done for the message side.  I will write a personal message in the center.

I just couldn't resist recreating this art piece for my Easter postcards.  Of course my Hare is a rubber stamp, White Rabbit Late by Deep Red Clingstamps.  



  1. I like the rabbit's minimalist garden, it looks easy to keep and you've also found another pretty postage stamp.
    Other side is pretty too with the coloured flying balls.
    Happy Easter when it comes.

  2. The hare's expression! I know exactly how he feels. Love the little pink flowers in the background and the lovely pink stamp. Also, putting the address and stamp on the picture side and leaving more room on the back for the message is a great idea!

  3. Sshhhh Annie, you shouldn't have said of course the white hare is a stamp.....let everyone think you've drawn it! More fab mail art from my favourite arty lady across the pond no less ;)
    Donna xxx

  4. Lovely Easter postcard! Love the rabbit stamp!

  5. It may not be your idea originally, but I love it. :) That rabbit will always be a favorite of mine!

  6. Simple stunning and ever so perfect to feature White Rabbit for Easter. I love all the subtle artsy touches you include. Happy Hopping Dear...

  7. Love this card - both sides!

  8. Awesome job, Annie! Love it!

  9. Two beautiful postcard fit for sending to friends...lovely work.

  10. As always fandamntastic! Well we all know that you are not going to be late with your East Post cards!
    sandy xx

  11. Both wonderful postcards, Annie, both with your signature stitching! Great texture in both, too! Love your style, my friend!

  12. May not be totally original but you added your touch and flair


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