Friday, September 30, 2016

Calendar Journaling

I haven't quit calendar journaling.  But the creative looking months went missing until September.  So to catch up, here is June

June finishes my first academic calendar journal.  

I went in search of my next one.  One that I hoped I could use any pen I want and do some stamping too without the worry of bleeding through the paper.  Here is my unfinished new cover.  It needs the dates on it yet.

This one has monthly pages as well as weekly pages in between the months.  Which means after I do my journaling with whatever ink media I want, I can tear out the weekly pages and glue the monthly pages back to back and the paper bleeds don't show!  Hiphiphooray!

I started July with every intention of being more creative and artsy, but time kept getting away from me.

There were so many birthdays to be ready for in July.

Then there was August.  I obviously spent the time reading rather than making a creative looking month.  But the 20th was inspiration for September.

So September turned more fun looking.  I chose one short word each day to stamp.  

I found these Ultra Fine tip Pilot Juice Pens for journaling.  I love them!

I rushed to buy them so I thought there were only 12 colors for this fine tip gel pen.  I have since found another supplier and ordered the other 12 available colors in the .38 tip.  I'm over the moon for these pens.  It doesn't take a lot to make me happy.

Have a happy day!


  1. It's always good to see your diary pages and how you decorate them.
    Nice idea with the coloured word for each day. Isn't it odd how blogger blurs the words as if I'm wearing the wrong glasses, maybe Google is trying to protect your privacy. I'll wait till you put this up on flickr, where we can read the words, before I comment any more.
    These pens and their colours look lovely and juicy, how good that you found another different 12 colours, that would make me happy too.

  2. I love your September, so bright! I may have to check out these pens... (Like I need one more thing, like a hole in the head!) But I love fine tip pens...

  3. I want to make a journal like this or just send me your beautiful new blank one...that would work. LOL

  4. Oh, my! Your calendar pages are wonderful for efficiency, memory, and visual delight! The pens look so cheerful, and I'm sure you will make use of them in many creative ways. :)

  5. I love your journals, it gives me hope that I could do this (someday).

  6. I LOVE looking at your calendars, gives me a glimpse into the arty workings of your wonderful brain Annie ;)
    I also love the look of those pens too so guess who's off right now to google them ha ha
    Donna xx

  7. Hey Annie - you know I have always thought of your journal calendars as works of art. I could spend the rest of my life trying to print like you but boo hoo - I know I would never get there!
    Oh woe is me ..
    Oh dear - I just ordered another book! I can't seem to help myself and am convinced that what I do best is read!!!!
    Sandy xx

  8. Your daily journal calendar pages always amaze me for all the work you put into them. I must check out your new colorful pens. Fall Colors are Calling...

  9. Lovely journal pages and great idea to adhere the finished monthly pages together. Love the word stamping on each day and those gel pen colours are luscious, happy colouring! Deb xo


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