Friday, October 7, 2016

Postcard Mail Art

A couple of new mail art postcards have traveled a long way to arrive at their destinations.

This one was for a fellow bicycling enthusiast.

Scrapbook paper, rubber stamping, coloring and shading with stamping inks.

This one was for an animal lover.  Those of us in the USA will recognize the Geico camel.

Scrapbook paper, rubber stamping, junk mail (camel) and shading with stamping inks.

Happy Mail Day!


  1. Oh, dear, I can't decide which one I like better! I love them both, Annie! You are such an inspiration. :)

  2. I continue to always think of you dear when I see anything bicycle related. Love both your postcards. Now for Wednesday Humpday with the Camel...still one of my favorite commercials. Lovely weekend to you...

  3. Both of these look such exotic postcards, Imagine the camel coming in the junk mail. I expect he would much rather be on a top-class postcard travelling the world. I like the description with this interesting looking "safety" bicycle. The way you have put together the stamping on each of these is totally inspired.

  4. Wow you certainly provide a little ray of sunshine when your fantastic mail art pops through the letterboxes all around the world Annie :)
    Donna xx

  5. You are amazing with cardstock...

  6. I love both of these cards. You amaze me. I can't figure out how you do them. Wish we were closer so I could see you in action.

  7. Both of these are a delight, Annie! I love using scrapbook paper in my art today. To me, it is a starter kit! One that you have beautifully enhanced in both cases. And yes, I do recognize the camel! Thanks for sharing your beautiful heart!

  8. Great postcards, love the subtle colouring on the bike and I knew Geico had a gecko but have never seen the camel! Deb xo

  9. Great cards! Especially love the bicycle one. Well done!

  10. Both cards are fabulous, Annie! The recipients will be happy to find such loveley mail in their mailbox.
    xo Julia

  11. What fantastic postcards, Annie! The camel design is stunning, you always surprise me with your creativity and choice of images.
    Mar :)


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