Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Small Fabric Boxes

I was so inspired by Caroll"s detailed fabric box post, I could hardly wait to make a far.

This tallish narrow one will be living on my table housing my quick grab tools.  I have a jar inside this box because I have my Xacto knife in there and I don't want it cutting up the bottom of the box.

And this squattier box loaded with chocolate liqueurs will be a Thanksgiving hostess gift.

These cuties make up so quickly and are such fun.  I think there will be some more for Christmas time too.  

I've got to get those liqueurs wrapped up before they begin disappearing from the box!  **wink wink**



  1. Love your little boxes. What cute ideas for using them. Now i have to make a taller one for my pencils. And go on a hunt for those chocolate liquors...for the hostess gift of course...wink wink.

  2. What a great idea to stuff those cute boxes with yummies as a hostess gift!

  3. You are speedy. I saw this tutorial and have these scheduled to be made sometime before Thanksgiving. Love how yours turned out. The tall one will hold Hostess Candies too, right. Wink, wink.

  4. Don't these look terrific. I like the way the inside is different from the outside. It's a great box for a little present (for oneself too).
    I've made fabric boxes before but they take a million years of sewing to make so thanks for this link on how to make these.

  5. These are lovely and so practical!

  6. Your fabric boxes are fabulous. You are smart to insert the jar. I made some of these last year and I love them and gave them as gifts. I will make more if I ever get to set up my sewing room again. Our home is officially listed For Sale.

  7. Wow wow wow is there anything you can't magic from fabric Annie?! I sooooooo wish I lived near you as I'd get you to make sooooo much yummy stuff for me, these are just fab
    Donna xx

  8. I love your fabric boxes. Great fabric combinations and so nice and neat and square, so well done.

  9. The fabric boxes are great , I like the idea of placing a jar inside so sharper objects won't damage it . Will have to give these a try .

  10. Love theses fabric boxes, Annie! The buttons are an awsome touch!


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