Monday, March 6, 2017

Chevron Challenge Mail Art

This envelope is the result of a mutual challenge between myself and Tera of The Crafty Sugar Addict to find new ways to use the large chevron stamp.

The quilter in me saw this possibility when I set the stamp across the room to stare at it.  The stitched address block fell right into place.  That large bird is another new stamp.  He wants to show up in everything these days.

Coloring in the quilt star.

Then coloring around the star. Then some stencil background design.  And drawing stitches around the star outside. 

I color in my bird with foam makeup tools.

I used an alphabet Washi Tape for Tera's name.

You can see Tera's Chevron challenge mail art Here.

Thanks Tera, I'm feeling a lot happier with my chevron stamp now.

Happy Mail Day!


  1. Adorable! Love seeing what you've made with the chevron!

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  3. Love how you made that quilter's star using that chevron stamp. I would never have thought of that. Love the bird too. So cute!

  4. Ok, now that is just genius!!! I never in a million years would have thought of this! I love this!!! Also, I love the bird and butterfly! !! You amaze me!!!

  5. Wow! I love everything about this--from the chevron/star, to the address stamp at an angle, the bird, the butterfly--all of it!

  6. I love Your mail art and I especially like seeing the steps you take.
    I really like seeing your calendar journal pages too. I finally found my calendar and so far it is nearly empty and soooo boring. I am taking notes from yours and hoping to make my pages more interesting, or at least a better record of what I have done with my time.

  7. It's great to see how you make your art. I would never have imagined all these steps. At first I thought your stamp was the whole star (then I read your words properly). That is jolly clever masking off the star to colour it. And the dabbers - again how clever.
    I'm fascinated by all these ink pads with their lovely colours and names.
    The little birdie is gorgeous and I'm looking forward to seeing him again some day. All the faux stitching is ingenious. And the stencilling. And the cut out letters from the washi tape.
    Great result with the pinks and the lime/green, and then the birdie different colours again. I love this.

  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and creative process! What a great way to use your chevron stamp. I also love your bird stamps. You make them come alive with your coloring!

  9. Wow Arty Annie strikes again!! Another terrific tantalising creation from you, your ideas are always awe inspiring. By the way, have you tried Tim's new Oxides yet? Oh my, they are lush!
    Donna xx

  10. I don't use stamps myself but I think your use of the Chevron is very clever. Joining then genius. The way you put your pages together shows a vey good eye for detail and colour. Might be tempted to stamp if I had that bird one.

  11. I love seeing the process! Beautiful as always

  12. Amazing how one Chevron stamp became this beautiful quilt block on your card. I think Spring Bird is supposed to show up and hopefully keeps Winter away. You are so very clever with your stamp art! XO

  13. That chevron stamp is perfect for a quilter! Love your bird stamp too!


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