Saturday, March 4, 2017

February is gone already.  

I'm still finding my way with this new style of calendar journal.  I really struggle with getting out of the holiday event themed month.

I'm going to try being more concious of that as I go along.   That seems to be something that is so ingrained into this old mind.

March is not going to be all green or have anything to do with leprechauns.

May March bring us many Spring weather days!


  1. Every time I look at your calendar journals I just can't see past your heavenly hand writing Annie, you have the writing of a sparkly angel, you rock big time....hey but you already know that ;)
    Donna xx

  2. Lots of lovely art-making and reading, what could be better. I like the little bird, a sweet little drawing, and that's pretty how you have made "February" and the large heart over the 14th. I'm not sure what you have done differently but I can now read every word in your exquisite printing and hand-writing.

  3. Those poor little leprechauns will be so sad!!!! You know they are miscellaneous creatures. ... I have seen the movie "leprechaun" I would not want to mess with one of those scary little ;)

    As always I love seeing you art calendars... Some day I will get back on that challenge. .. but all in good time

  4. Lovely, as always! I had to laugh at the "Lots of Reading--Lots" entry. Making art, sending mail, and reading--always good ways to time!

  5. Love your super calendar journal, Annie. What lovely details and hand writing! The little bird is adorable. You're very funny and creative... and organized! Mar xx

  6. Love your calendar journals , I am not organized enough to do this . I hope too that March will bring warmer weather but I won't hold my breath, it is usually a bad month for us .

  7. I definitely have a penchant for "themed" creating. No Green or Leprechauns for March? Is that allowed? LOL. Love your style dear. <3

  8. Always love to see your calendar art! Beautiful!


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