Sunday, April 2, 2017

March 2017 Calendar Journal

March was a fun month to document even though much of it wasn't really much fun at all.

I'm happy, as I feel I'm beginning to settle into a bit of fun in finding more artsy ways to make the month look.

It just isn't easy for me to be artsy in such small and many times odd sized spaces.  It's really giving this old brain a work out.  A 12"X12" layout would be easier, but I'm sticking with this 8.5"X11" size.  I'm kind of bull-headed like that.

Happy Day!


  1. So happy to see the little bird again and all the other arty little pictures. The little flower bottom right is fun too.
    I like the mixture of art and RL although I'm sure a lot of the real life you could have done without. Green and gold nails sounds fun. Hope you have recovered and are back to "normal" now. Whimsical shopping? - need more details!
    I'm not sure if we are supposed to comment on the entries or the art or both? Anyway your life, as detailed here, has lots of fun art-making to inspire us, and I read every word.
    As for the art, the whole page looks really classy with your stunning printing and writing and the little fun bits of washi tape, the background painting and the ransom note date top left.
    Hope today is a good one.

  2. I still love these calendar pages! I may have to try soon. I bought a pocket planner to keep in my purse so maybe I should start by trying to write in it daily... lol (at least I'm trying to keep track of my blog and work junk...).
    So, 1st you know I love this bird... I literally almost bought it yesterday but managed to talk myself out of it... though it's still in the cart. (*testing my weak will power*).
    So, I normally never read the squares I just enjoy the art because I feel like I'm reading someone's diary... but, today I saw my name :) so I read them all... you had a very busy month! I hope both you and your dad are feeling better!
    (Btw. I'm glad you are up to no good)

  3. Oh I also wanted to ask. Does your state pay for plastic bottles? I recycle but it's a free drop off place. .. or is there another use?

  4. Love your calendar page , you can make a month look very interesting. 😊

  5. Love the little bird! As usual, your calendar is full of interesting notes! From "some whimsical shopping" to ending the month with "still sick" -- full of both the good and the definitely-not-good. Hope you are feeling better now, Annie!

  6. You know I have always loved your calendar pages. I sure hope you are all well now!
    Sandy xx

  7. Annie I normally do not read your daily calendar notations but I see your Dad has had some hospital stays. Prayers and Healing Energy that he will be well very soon. Love your artsy calendar pages. Spring Sunshine Dear...<3


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