Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Jell-O Box Project

My Jell-O box project is now my Distress Ink pads storage! 

It's on the crude side, but it's light-weight, and it serves the purpose.  Wood and plastic ones I viewed took up a lot of space, are thick and are quite expensive.  And maybe when I might want to add on, the same design might not be available.

I made these storage towers like this:  Collect jell-o boxes.  I did not mind eating all this jell-o.  Brand name JELL-O and Walmart brand gelatin boxes are not quite the same exact size, but they are pretty close.  I really needed to eat a variety of jell-o not just two flavors.

Open the boxes at the glued side.

Cut off the flaps on one side.

Then glue the ends back together.  Clamp them til the glue dries or at least sets.

Then glue them together.  I glued them as sets of two, then four, etc.

Clamping them until the glue dries or sets.

I use some Washi style tape to clamp the back ends.  I have several rolls of "why did I buy this tape". 

My towers are 10 boxes high.  I don't bother removing the tape as it won't interrupt anything.

I then cut pieces of mat board to make each tower sturdy.  It really is quite sturdy.

My ultimate plan is to set them all together side by side and cover them with some fun scrapbook papers.  However, me and them are not in our permanent space at this time, so I'll use them for now in a configuration that space allows for.  I'm just thrilled my ink pads are separated and easily pulled out for use.  And the great jell-o box size allows me to keep each make-up foam with the pad color.

I'm happy.  Imperfections and all.
Happy stamping and inking!


  1. Wow this is so clever. Storage is always a problem, to keep everything tidy but easy to access and look good. I think you have achieved all this. Thanks for showing step by step instructions. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Well knock me over with a jelly square. How clever is this. The progress shots are terrific, otherwise I would have wondered how on earth you made it. That's a lot of jelly. Sometimes I just want a box and not the contents. "Why did I buy this tape" - haven't we all got washi tapes that somehow got themselves smuggled in, so good to find a use for it. Great storage tower and I am gazing longingly at all the fabulous colours of the Distress Inks sitting there so obediently. Nice too to have the dabbers/make-up foam pads for each colour right there. Great recycling and constructions techniques and with the finishing touch of the mat board, it is just the thing.

  3. Great recycling - excellent project. xx

  4. Fantastic idea!! I was fortunate to find mine (old cassette box looks similar) at a antique store for $5 a few years ago... I actually have too many inks though so I need to extend it so this may be a perfect idea!!!

  5. You must have heard me laugh when I read "rolls of 'why did I buy this tape'." Love your project, Annie!

  6. I love this project!!! It is no surprise that someone as clever as you could find a way to recycle Jello boxes for the perfect way to store your ink pads.
    BTW I love your April calendar page.

  7. You are so clever - wonderful idea!!
    Sandy xx

  8. Great idea! and now I have a hankerin' for some Jell-O. Did you say J-E-L-L-O when you read that?

  9. Yes see I knew this all along Annie......not only are you multi talented but now you're showing us what a smart cookie you are too! What a brilliant idea....don't forget to make some more for those lush Oxides too ;)
    Donna xx

  10. I adore your Jello box storage for ink pads. This reminds me of making little cabinets out of match boxes...both the large size and the small size sets. I loved those little drawers complete with "brad" (paper fasteners) drawer pulls. Excellent upcycle of Jello boxes dear. <3

  11. Now that is extremely clever

  12. That's cool :) I have a similar thing made w/ shoeboxes for some of my paperbacks... >.>

  13. great idea for sure, you are so creative

    xx Dorte


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