Saturday, May 20, 2017

Doctoring the Color Bursts

I've come to the conclusion that Color Burst powders are not a product for me.  This card is not completely unfortunate, but unfortunately Color Burst powders have kicked my butt.

Here's how this card started.  If you look quite carefully and with a magnifying glass, you will see the Color Burst powders.  You aren't supposed to have to use very much.  

I think maybe a little more is needed.  Which I did add some more.  The purple bottle especially seems to have more colors inside than just purple.  Hmmm.

I started over with the circles shown in the first photo and the one below.  But my Color Burst did not do much better at all.  Well I got out my Neocolor II water-soluble crayons and did some watercolor doctoring trying to save the poor card.  It was salvageable until I decided it might need a little something else.  I stenciled lightly the harlequin background.  I should have listened to myself when myself told me NOT to add a little something else!  Will I never learn.  

My daughter is getting this card anyway.  She's also getting a backup supply of Color Burst powders.


  1. Hi Annie, It's a shame that the product didn't work as you expected. I like how your card turned out though.
    xo Julia

  2. Well I can't see anything wrong with the card at all Annie! The problem is those powders are so hard to control using them like that. Maybe try using them as watercolours which they were originally intended for, I've achieved some lovely effects like that....think about it before you rehome them :)
    Donna xx

  3. Your card looks good to me but I guess you were hoping for something different. It is disappointing when something new doesn't work as well as we thought it would. Nevertheless it is good to try out new and different techniques and supplies.

  4. Oh I love this! Make more cards! Send me one!
    I can understand that you want to control your paints and that Color Bursts have ideas of their own i.e. they want to burst their colour all over. What's wrong with the harlequin stencil? - it completes the card beautifully and brings these bad, naughty colours together.
    Did I say I really like this card?

  5. I agree--the card is beautiful! Sorry that the product didn't live up to expectations, but I bet your daughter loves the card!

  6. I think I'll learn from your issues and stay away from this particular type of product.

    I so think the end result was great and your daughter should love it.

  7. Sounds like you went to lots of work that resulted in less-than desired results for your likes. It looks great on my computer screen. Good to pass along those powders you aren't enjoying. Keep Playing Dear...<3

  8. Ah, don't give up! I felt the same way when I first tried them but I found that using a smear of gesso on the paper, drying, then applying the product, with a baby wipe close by, makes a difference. It's also fun to use on top of stencils. It is not my go to product but it's fun. I like your cards, I'm sure your daughter will love it too. Hugs ~ Renee

  9. Waue you make gorgeous card and your watercolouring is fab. cannot understand why you say watercolouring is hard. you make awsome work. so keep at it.
    I will link to your blog hope you will visit my blog again soon you are very inspirering.

  10. Hahaha I read the other post first, so now I know you weren't having fun with those powders. Darn! You are so talented it is shocking to me that you couldn't make them work. :O)


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