Sunday, June 4, 2017

May 2017 Calendar Journal

There was very little art time this past month, but my calendar journal means I get at least 1.5" X 1.5" of tiny creative time each day.  Sometimes that just has to be enough.

I realized that the fun scrapbook paper designs that I start with really get buried behind the writing as the blocks get filled in.

The little pocket on the 6th holds the list of guests that attended that visit.  And the pocket is held in place with 1/8" washi tape.  So narrow and delicate.  

I just love those stitches rubber stamps that my daughter found for my birthday.  The sloppiness of the stitches are really fun.  

I hope to find myself with a little more playtime in June.
Happy Summertime!


  1. Very nice and very cool idea

  2. Is that the 49 and Market Stitches stamps? I LOVE those and I'm always using them. Wonderful insight into your little slice of paradise Annie :)
    Donna xx

  3. May does not look like a load of laughs, but if one squints away the words the calender looks very pretty and the butterfly lady is looking over all. I'm surprised that you like the wonky stitching!!!!!!!!!
    Hope you have a happier June and that your Dad gets better.
    Your way of making the entries and your hand-writing as always are exquisite.

  4. You know I have always thought your calendar journal pages are a work of art - looks as if you are quite busy.
    I love the sewing stamps you have used.
    sandy xx

  5. Uneven stitching is not at all like your real perfect stitching. I like the Dark words good writing. My May disappeared you are very clever the way you record a month. Hope June is a better month for you

  6. Annie Dear I am so sorry your Dad is ill and so many days in hospital. Never good news when you must spend your days visiting and keeping everything running smoothly. I am so happy you got to enjoy a yummy Ice Cream cone. May is in the past now and we are quickly going through June. I do hope you are able to have a very good month and enJOY lots of everything you love. Prayers and Healing Energy Sweet Annie...<3


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