Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Greeting Card Challenge

I've been working on my greeting cards self challenge.  I'm not behind with dates, but I am behind for my own comfort.  I like to be ready well in advance of the due date.

Of course Thank You cards get snuck into the mix as needed.  But I even like to have those ready to go at the spur of the moment.

I have not been good with process photos.  Mostly because I don't expect these watercolor techniques to turn out useable.  But these are most of the supplies I used.  I know that I enhanced the Color Burst watercoloring part with help from Distress Inks.

This is the first July birthday card I need.  And sometimes an envelope is just a waste of an envelope when it comes to guys who have no appreciation for them at all.  But this particular guy does appreciate my handmade cards.  

It's for Jay.  He's been mentioned in my Calendar Journals often.  Usually associated with Friday happy hours, Margaritas and Chocolate Frostys.

The fake blue watercolor technique for this card was created with Distress Ink and an ink dauber. It worked out fun. That roll of foil-like stuff is a found supply.  It also has been fun to experiment with.


  1. Very fine card this ;O)) so lovely watercolour and adorable bird. I think you should keep on doing those your good at this ;O))

  2. These look fantastic. I definitely need to get caught up on a ton of stuff. A bunch of birthday is coming up in August hopefully I will get a little more time off to get things done after next week. Been working way too much LOL

  3. I love your cards.The way you positioned the little bird is perfect. Your Father's Day card on your last post is wonderful too, great gears.
    I see you are using the Colorburst powders; you seem to have mastered them.

  4. Oh that sweet little bird, so beautifully coloured, I do love him.
    Color Bursting worked very well here, even if it did need a little help. I like your stencilled lettering too.
    I do like seeing the supplies you use, it makes me appreciate your art all the more.

  5. they both look great :) Are the colour bursts getting any easier to work with?

  6. Well who wouldn't want to receive an Annie masterpiece cleverly disguised as a birthday card!! Both stunning cards as always from your magical hands ;)
    Donna xx

  7. I love your little bird card. So cute. Again another excellent piece by you!

  8. What a wonderful thank you card! The charming bird sitting on the flourish is just perfect, but the color bursts add such cheer.

  9. Beautifully done Annie! I absolutely love your thank you card.
    sandy xx


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