Tuesday, February 6, 2018

January 2018 Calendar Journal

January 2018 is now history.  I mentioned that I wish I hadn’t done a little extra embellishing.  That would be the circles.  Well, that wish is history too.

It was a much more fun month with not having to work quite so much.

My dragonfly got lost in the writing, just as I knew he would.  All learning lessons.

Moving on to February with no regrets.  Every month is a new opportunity to begin again.

Definitely another learning experience here.  But fun too.

Happy February!


  1. I love your entries! Margaritas is always one of my favorite activities. :)

  2. January looks like it was a pretty good month, Annie. I see you've got a "Finished reading" stamp. I rather like the cluttered look with the checkerboards and the circles.
    February is empty. Nothing has happened - yet. Looking forward to seeing Fun February after Jolly January.

  3. Loving another excuse to gaze in awe at your awesome writing Annie, lunch at the chocolate factory sounds really intriguing!
    Donna xx

  4. I saw your dragonfly right away! Love the colors on February....a fresh new slate!

  5. Looks like you had another fun and productive month. Love looking at January. Love the colors for February. Here's wishing you a great month.

  6. I love all your calendar pages, January is fun and the colors for February are nice and bright.

  7. I love looking at your calendar pages. January was a busy month but you still finished 7 books. I really like your February colors.

  8. Good gosh Annie - you are a busy bee!! Had to read your calendar mainly to see what books you read. You do in one month what would take me three months to do!
    Right now I am reading "ELEANOR OLIPHANT IS COMPLETELY FINE" - a delightful funky and funny book by Gail Honeyman. It is so clever and creative.
    Bye for now Sugar -
    Sandy xx

  9. Always a pleasure to see how creative you are, and how busy you are! Your days are always full!

  10. Lovely calendars dear. You do stay busy and I am amazed at how you can condense each day to a very few words. My calendar never looks so good. Happy Creating Sweet Annie...<3

  11. That looks like a good month with many fun activities incl. lunch at the Chocolate factory and some margaritas. Your writing is so beautiful, dear Annie! I hope that February will be a wonderful month for you as well.

  12. These are great colors (even if the dragonfly is hidden)


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