Friday, April 6, 2018

March/April Calendar Journal

March 2018 was a bit hectic life-wise, compared to how mundane my life normally is.  Still nothing exciting.  Some crafting fun though.

I’m surprised that I find a little something to write about everyday.  I always expect there to be lots of blank blocks.  I was so excited to stumble across that envelope closure Washi tape!  As well as a lot of other new rolls of Washi tapes.

And so April begins now.

What do you want to bet that something really exciting happens on the 12th and 19th and I’ve no room to write it.  The design of this month is definitely lacking. My first plan for the word “April” was a fail but the tree was already there.  I couldn’t just toss it out and start over.  I’m so enamored with the effects of modeling paste.  It’s such fun.

I also sometimes forget to put the date numbers on my master before I copy it to the design paper.  Then I’m punished by having to do them twice.  Argh!

  Having filled in blocks will take care of the lack of designing creativity.  It’s sometimes hard to remember that and visualize it through the entire calendar page.     

Wishing everyone happy April days!


  1. I am always happy to see your calendar pages. I think your April page is wonderful, I love the colors and the tree. It looks like you have a lot going on with family. I am keeping your in my prayers.

  2. Love seeing your calendars, Annie! Using the modeling paste texture on the lovely April background--should make you eager to fill in all the dates, although the 12th and 19th will require tiny writing! I've been through all of the illness of parents and empathize with the stress it creates.

  3. You don't lead a boring life, that's sure. Of course I read every entry. The envelope closures baffled me a bit at first, the two squares looked a bit sinister then I read the words and that was OK. Sorry about your mum and dad being not well.
    April looks all Springlike and ready for a good month. I like the tree growing in the middle of April.

  4. April 12th is my husband’s 75th birthday! I always love your monthly calendar pages dear. Being Creative and making Art is very helpful in reducing stress. I must find time to do so...<3. Awesome April Dear.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous great calender

  6. I love reading your calendar pages! The tree is so dramatic.

  7. Oh, my, gosh. You certainly have your hands full with both your parents being ill. I hope this finds them better and that things are looking up for you and them. Love your April calendar. It will be interesting to find out what happens on the 12th and 19th. Hugs.

  8. Your filled in March calendar looks great. And your April calendar is lovely. I can't wait to see it when it's filled in. I noticed your comment that you like using modeling paste. I don't know if you do any craft work with wooden boxes, but if you do, you can use modeling paste with stencils to create a pattern on the wooden box. For example, if you had an ivy stencil, you could create an ivy border on the box. (I've used spackle from Home Depot for that stencil technique, but I'm assuming modeling paste works the same way. First I painted the wood box and let it dry. Then I placed the stencil over the box, applied the spackle, let that dry, then painted the raised design.)

  9. I love your attitude washi tape details! Especially the package tie. Despite having to Thai stamps, I still really think I need that washi tape! Love your April as well! The texture on the tree is awesome.

    1. So I just realized that my voice text put tie in wrong. I had typed it all up the first time and accidentally hit the back button and lost the whole comment I left you at first


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