Thursday, March 22, 2018

Abstract Mail Art

More mail current passion.
(Shared in Sunday Postcard Art)

This one spent 15 minutes in the trash bin.

Let me show you why...

It starts out like this.  I started with trying Distress Oxides Inks.  My first try with those inks. I tried to control those, but they would have none of that control stuff.  Plus they weren’t bright enough for me.  So I went over the inks with acrylic paints.

Not real pretty.  That darker green wasn’t the color I thought it would be.  But I hoped I could improve on it.

Then I go over the top with some white here and there.

Yeah, it’s still pretty awful.  That’s when I stopped taking photos and put it in the trash for a 15 minute time out.  Not really...I threw it out intending to move on.  But I took it out and added some darker red over the awful green, then some bright orange, then some stamping and washi tapes and finally some modeling paste.

And that’s when it turned from trash to mail art.

This next one is done with spray inks.  They’re less predictable than acrylics are but blend on their own better.  This one went out in the mail to encourage a young artist to continue to follow her art.

Happy Mail Day!


  1. It would have been a shame if the first piece had ended up in the trash, Annie. You turned it into such a beautiful piece of mail art. The background looks great and there are a lot of lovely details. It's so sweet of you to encourage a young artist with one of your wonderful creations.
    Happy weekend to you!
    xo Julia

  2. Recovery! I love it when what at first seems like a messy caterpillar turns into a butterfly. You are inspiring me to try using molding paste again--the added texture is so cool. Both of your postcards are going to delight recipients. :)

  3. Annie, you ARE an artist. Both pieces are wonderful especially the one you rescued. The final colors are beautiful and all of the elements you added make it interesting and so well balanced. It continues to look like you are having fun.

  4. I really like the very first version, although I would have had no idea what to do next. I think you did a pretty good job of taking back some of the whites and giving it drama with different whites and blacks. I see another little black flower - hello little flower!
    Nice one with the spray inks too, a pretty patterned design.

  5. I love the time out concept. Apparently it worked. Great job on both pieces.

  6. wow wow wow. that top one is to die for. love love love them both

  7. These are both fantastic and I love reading your write ups! I got a good laugh when you said it went into the trash for a 15 minute timeout. I can relate to the frustration you feel while you're working on something, because I've gone through the same thing. But your end results are always wonderful.

  8. You are rocking the art journal style! (You rock every style to try!) I love the postage stamp you picked to match the envelope.... maybe I will break out my paints for some envelopes

  9. In the trash bin???? This is my favorite. I love all the bright colors. Now aren't you glad you saved it?

  10. Glad you rescued it from the trash....great collage looking mail art! so fun.
    xx Karen

  11. I LOVE the way you are processing your experiments and realizing the benefits of hanging in there with pieces which may not be working out as you had envisioned them . . . you're breaking through the barriers and onto the wonderful road to intuitive creativity! Bravo! The *switch* will become more comfortable the more you do it, and add immeasurable satisfaction, freedom and comfort to your art! HUGS . . .

  12. thanks for showing. looking great - Happy Easter for you and your family hope you have great days

  13. Thank goodness you took it out of the trash, it's fabulous! The DOX are tricky I find and because of the Oxide properties definitely aren't bright, unless you cover them with a coat of Micro Glaze and then they just pop! Love how you kept layering though, so much interest and depth Anne, the final result is fab xo Deb xo


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