Monday, September 3, 2018

Calendar Journals

Have a peek at what I did during August.  Just barely by the end of the month I got back into doing some sewing!  YAY!  

You will notice on the 17th that I began training for the company’s sewing jobs.  Oddly enough, that seems to have been what finally spurred me into action to get back to sewing.  I’d been wanting to, but just wasn’t actually getting at it.  Just small stuff at the moment.  But I will be working on three largish quilt pieces that have been waiting SO long for me.  (At least I hope to stay motivated to work on them).

And September is in the making.

Again I’ve let the scrapbook paper do all the design work.  I just added some die cut lettering, rubber stamped year and some Washi tapes.

I hope to fill lots of day squares with “sewing”.  I truly have missed it.


  1. Oh a new blogpost suddenly appeared, what a treat.
    Your calendar has lots of nice reading and some intriguing entries. A "sofa sleeper" sounds vaguely sinister and "the troubles with Jeff" sounds like the title of an old 1960's children's book.
    So looking forward to seeing your sewing and maybe it will inspire me to do some myself.

  2. I just love your calendars....

  3. More wonderful calendars! Isn't it nice to get back into something you love after a long absence? Rearranging your sewing space and making a new cover for your machine and training for sewing jobs must have been keeping you really busy. Can't wait to see some of your projects, Annie?

  4. Aug. Turned out great! I love how the scrapbook paper works for these backgrounds ♡. Glad you are back to sewing. I'm trying to quilt again. Been working on 2 since but took a break from them. Bought more fabric for a Halloween one too... but I really should finish at least 1 before I cut any more fabric or sew any of it. Can't wait to see some of your sewing projects.

  5. LOL I don't spend so much time looking at WHAT you've done (don't want to be too nosy), as admiring HOW you have brought life to a monthly diary that could get humdrum if we let it. You incorporate so much color and texture - what a joy it will be to look back at these, not just because of the good memories of tasks completed and relationships nurtured, but because they journal your creativity as well. Bravo!

  6. Love your Calendar and reading all you've been doing. How is the new job going? Is that comment about Jeff a new book? You've read a lot of books this month. Looking forward to next month's calendar.

  7. Your calendar pages get neater and more creative all the time! Sounds like you have a new chapter in your life with a change of jobs. Enjoy that sewing and that bike! I am so impressed to hear about the biking...I haven't been on one in years so I admire all the mileage you have put in. I do a daily walk, but you would leave me in your dust with that awesome bike.


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