Monday, September 10, 2018

Sewing again!

I have finally gotten back to sewing again!  One thing that kept me away from it is my teeny tiny sewing space now that I am back home.  It was not at all inviting.  I moved more stuff out of it to make space for cutting and pressing.

It isn’t even so much the lack of space as it is that dang low slanted ceilings.  I hate them.  I am tall.  Then there’s the awful striped wallpaper.  All still better than no space at all.

Even a mini design wall is better than none at all.

I’m a little disappointed that this large bottle holding my wooden spool collection cannot be kept within this tiny space.  But priorities must be met.

I have four unfinished quilty projects.  The first needing to be finished was my sewing machine cover that I started a year ago.

I was very ambitious when I started this improv piecing.  I did a little more, but I had no patience to finish it.  So I cheated on the back and sides.

I don’t see those sections much anyway.  So I moved on to quilting the thing.

It’s quite less than perfect and I don’t care.  At least I don’t have to throw a dish towel over my machine anymore.

So tacky!

This is much better.

Now I can get down to some serious sewing!


Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

Yay you have your machine cover done. Now I hope you continue to work on other sewing too. Is that the 1230 Bernina? I bought an 1130 a couple of years ago and just love it! I love all my machines because I use each one for different jobs.

Tera Callihan said...

You will not believe it I was literally thinking about you and sewing around 6 a.m. this morning. I couldn't sleep and was scouring Pinterest looking at tons of quilt things. Then decided to look at fabric postcards! Thinking that since I have never made one or saw one I think that maybe my next challenge. Of course I have not finished any of my other previous UFOs. I love your sewing machine cover. I have fabric set aside to make a cover for my brother scan and cut. Currently I just use the box and keep it upside down over top of it LOL I should have thought of a towels that would probably be less tacky than what I currently have going on and take up less space. I probably won't do anything as fancy as you're quoted one I will probably just so big fat quarters together LOL. One of my goals for today is to actually work on either Chad's or Emma's quilt. Along with the whole list of things to do around the house LOL. But I'm glad to see this is got my inspiration to work. I like your sewing space I just try to mine and my general craft room and I don't really have a space for it. I have to do all my cutting in the kitchen and ironing in there as well. It is nice that you have a dedicated space

sheila 77 said...

How good to have a little glimpse into your sewing area, it makes the sewing come to life. I do like the improv piece very much although I can understand you not wanting to do any more - sometimes unfinished pieces no longer want to be finished and you must persuade them gently in a different way - as you have just done. Your sewing machine cover looks very smart and cosy. My sewing machine sits out all day, bare-faced looking at the world and I haven't asked it if it would like a jacket - maybe I should?

jenclair said...

Ahhh! Finally a place to sew in! You've done an amazing job of arranging for efficiency, Annie. You have a surprising amount of storage for such a small space, and I love the way you've set up the cutting and pressing areas. The improve piecing looks great and your solution to finishing more quickly was effective without losing the attractiveness of your piecing. I'm excited for you and anticipating your next project! :)

jenclair said...

Improv! not improve :(

Barb said...

I have to say, I love your sewing room.....and your cover....I need to make several of them....I don't even throw a dish towel up..

Lesley said...

I am so excited to see that you are back to sewing! Your space looks perfect to me! And your sewing machine cover is terrific! I have used towels too, but I made one cover and it definitely does the trick. Yours looks so sweet! Enjoy your space, and remember to duck down so you don't hit your head, giggle...I wouldn't have that problem!

Ruth said...

Your sewing space looks well organized and cozy. I hope you will enjoy sewing in there. Do you have all of your paper crafting supplies in your room as well?
I know how a space that is not "quite right" can take all the pleasure out of sewing and stifle creativity. I keep working away at making my space better, sometimes it seems better and sometimes I change it back.

tink's mom said...

Sweet cover, one of my machines gets no cover and the other is under the original that came with it. I need to dust them regularly followed by the mental statement "you really need to make a cover for this poor old machine" LOL

Createology said...

Hi Annie. I am thrilled to see your sewing room space and how you are adapting to it. Love your pieced sewing machine cover. Sew happy to see you enjoying your sewing once again. I miss mine for new smaller space is awaiting its cabinet for notions and beads. Falling into Autumn Bliss...<3

Carol S. said...

My sewing room is not very big either and I usually spill over into the dining room for cutting. It gets even smaller when I'm on a sewing frenzy and don't have time to put things away. Cleaning up does help me not feel so overwhelmed. I love your jar of spools and that sewing machine cover is definitely better than the sheet, but it made me chuckle a little. :O)