Monday, May 6, 2019

Busy Doing

Hello!  Yes, I’m still here.
I’ve just been “doing” a little more rather than computing so much.

I created little tags to add to my sewn gifts.  Such a fun little detail to make and pin to gift items.  Three sizes can be made.  It’s the little things that thrill me.

This puzzle has sat around for a bunch of years waiting for me to put it together.

With my long time love for mail, I recognize so, so many stamps from over the years.

Birthday card for one of my creepy loving family members.  Each one of them (four) are getting a birthday card with a skeleton on it.  Each skeleton different.  

Of course I’ve kept up with my calendar journaling no matter what.  Just behind with sharing the completed months.
I loved having the space between the weeks to add little extra happenings.  

With less computing, I’ve had time for more reading.
Okay, I think that was an excuse...the real reason is so many of the stories just grab my attention and won’t let go until I know the ending.

Work days (Tue, Wed, Thur) don’t leave much time for notable happenings to document.  That’s okay too.  I sure don’t mind looking around for something a little fun to put into those day blocks.

I’ve prepared a couple of new months.  They just begin to sneak up on me so fast!  

I’ve been sewing some but haven’t gotten anything finished to share yet.  

So little time to do it all!


  1. I am really happy to see your post, I've missed you. Nice gift tags, I am sure the little extra touch will be appreciated. As always, I enjoy your calendar pages. I am keeping up with making notes on my calendar but at present they are nothing artistic or even fun to show, however,I am keeping track of things I've done.
    Your puzzle looks like fun too; at first I thought it was a quilt and wondered if you printed pictures of the stamps using your inkjet printer.

  2. Love when this came through my mail today. It was so nice to see you at the quilt show. Keep up the good work!! You are so darn talented!!

  3. Good to know you are still around! Nice to see you in my inbox. I love the little tags and seeing your journal pages. Wish I had more time for art but then I could always make time its just that there is always sewing to do and I love doing that too. More days in the week are needed. xx

  4. How wonderful it was to have you come callong today! It is always good to tale a nteak from computing on general, but even better from Facebook! I usually take such a sabatical for a month each year. You have been very productive, I can see here. Sweet gift tags--that I am sure will be saved! I have never been one much for doing puzzles alone, but during the holidays each year, there is always a puzzle on the table that my family works on. I am most impressed with your calendar journal pages! Each page is a work of art! I have never made one, but, perhaps, the year 2020 might be the year that I'm going to do that! Thank you for the inspiration, Annie! I hope we will continue to see you from time to time as your real life allows! Indeed, you were missed!

  5. I recognize those amazing keychains! Love them mom has her new house keys on hers on mine I have my house key and on the other I have her house keys. Love love love them. Loving your calendar journaling still of course! I am especially loving the July one with the circles! I am starting to do some happy planner planning which is kind of calendar journaling with stickers we will see how this works for me. This way I can stay organized and put my to do list as well as kind of jot down what goes on. Hopefully this will help me get more things done each day! I bet that puzzle was a challenging one! But looks super cool. Also your family are going to love the skeleton cards!!!!

  6. These little sweetly made "Annie" tags are a great addition to a present, just that little extra touch that makes receiving a present even better.
    Your diaries are amazing works of art. I can see that having a space between the weeks means you can add a little extra comment and I love all the little pictures that appear like the bird on March 12th. The empty pages emphasise even more just how much you personalise the entries.
    The skellie card is intriguing, so different from a "normal" Birthday card.

  7. Yoou have been busy love you puzzle and the journals, the tags are great love endeed

  8. Hey, Annie! We are eager to see some of those calendars filled in. :)

  9. Time does get away from us, do what you love.
    My 5 little daycare kids keep me hopping and I do often wish I had more time to create. That's why I love to grab any spare moments.
    xx Karen


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