Sunday, February 17, 2019

A Little of This and a Little of That

I’ve been up to a little of this and a little of that.

A little bit of sewing...

A fabric postcard.

Then, I’ve gotten hooked on making these keyring wristlets.

I have quite a bit of ultra suede pieces that I purchased years ago when it was much more reasonable to purchase.  So it makes for a nice durable wristlet.

Then, I’ve sent out some mail...

It seems like it’s been awhile since I’ve sent out some mail art envelopes.  Even just a bit of quick stamping changes boring mail into fun mail.

Sheila had a birthday.  Happy Birthday Sheila!

I did a little roasting and salting of pecans.  Once we reach a certain age and condition and life style, we appreciate edibles more than things.  These are a favorite of my special Valentine.

Of course a little pocket tag was needed.  I added a short letter into the pocket.

There’s my variety of little things that all went out through the mail to make very special people smile.

Although, I have SO many keyring wristlets still!  And I still want to make more!  Where to give them away???


  1. You have been busy Annie! Your postcard and envelope art always make me smile :) and I just love those little pockets, perfect for a sweet Valentine note! It is so true that edible gifts are the best the older we get. Less things to clutter up our space. I have seen the keychain FOB's on Pinterest and have thought about making some but never get around to buying the supplies...maybe someday.

  2. These are all very special but the most special of all is the one for a birthday which is a really beautiful card. And now I know what a keyring wristlet is, although it can have many other uses. You've made such a lovely range and every one a pillar of neatness and colour. Little pocket tag is so sweet too and how nice to get a real letter inside.

  3. Great variety of arts and crafts that you worked on this past week. I like those key rings too.

  4. Thank you Annie, your card really made me smile when I got it in my mail box. And it makes me smile every day when I see it right in front of me when I sew. You make so many beautiful things. And I love them all.

  5. Wow!!! You are one talented lady! (And you're on a roll!) 1st, now I'm hungry lol! 2nd I love all your super happy mail! I still haven't made a fabric postcard... mine is still chilling in my bedroom window, so I see it everyday ! I still want to attempt it someday... I love that you used the salvage edge! And the key wristlets are awesome! You are so talented!! The colors are fabulous on all of those together! (Also back to the mail art who makes that LG up and down zig zag stichy stamp? I live it!) I love the colors on that birthday card!! And I've lost count and track of my thoughts now, but what a cute freaking idea to create a pocket on a tag!!! Its all fantastic ♡ great art to brighten a Monday!

  6. I love all of your little of this and that projects! Oh I remember buying a bag of Ultra Suede scraps years and years ago and I still have some scraps too, but mostly short pieces. Hardly ever hear of it anymore. I have been working on selvage projects lately as I am teaching how to sew them my way at my quilt group in March. I made bags and a mug rug, but I should do a postcard too, so thanks for showing yours Annie! I love those wristlet keyrings and your envelope art and even the cute postage stamps you used! Well done with all your this and that, lol!!!

  7. Great projects! Love the fabric postcard and all your other outgoing mail. One of my favorite Christmas gifts each is receiving Cane River Pecans in the triplicate tin of sugared, chocolate covered, and plain!

  8. Annie you always make the very best projects and these are each wonderful. I adore your envelope art and the scraps sewn together and those key rings! You may just be inspiring me to get busy with some small projects that won’t take me too much time. We are almost done with moving in and remodeling so I shall have ME time. We have had rare snow here and it is 20+ degrees colder than normal for Southern Utah. LOL

  9. Another post of your beautiful projects. Love the first picture of the post card. Those fabrics are lovely. Wish I knew who you could give your key fob to. They are so nice. Love your envelope and the birthday card. You are so right about preferring things to eat. Those pecans look good. And your Valentine's pocket tag is so cute. Great job!

  10. wow you've been it all. So creative and wonderful mf.
    xx Karen

  11. Your fabric cards are still treasures for me. Those envelopes are beautiful!


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