Friday, October 4, 2019

A Bit of Mail Art

I’ve had a swell time making a bit of mail art.

I immediately fell in love with this set of grunge style sewing themed stamps.   This is a #10 business envelope.  The scissors stamp is quite large.  (The stitches under the scissors are from a different set of stamps).

These carrier pigeon stamps are a hoot.  I gave them a line to stand on.  Unfortunately with modern transportation and email, it is the unemployment line.

I’m quite and sufficiently mad at myself with this envelope.  I was working on a couple of envelopes at the same time and I addressed this one incorrectly.  I found a way to correct it, but I did not mail it.  It seemed waaaayyy too tacky to actually mail it.  There’s no hiding the mistake.  Held up to the light reveals the error of my ways.  

I’m sending this postcard to my bicycle riding partner who put up with all my riding plans all spring and summer long.  

I am very lucky that this woman has a great sense of adventure.  All of our rides inadvertently turned into an adventure of some sort.  Loads of fun was had!

And this is how September was for me.

Happy Fall.  It’s the spooktacular month of October.  Creepy good decorations inside and outside are so fun to see.


  1. Hi Annie wow I love those envelopes,they are so cute ,what beautiful envelopes to receive in the mail ,lucky recipients.
    Love your journal ,happy October my friend xx

  2. Wonderful envelopes! I especially love the out-of-work carrier pigeons! As always, your calendar is such fun. :) After seeing the bicycle postcard, I went to find a link I'd saved that you might enjoy: bicycles and the New Woman. I saved it for another bicycling enthusiast and for my own pleasure.

  3. Great postcard and I love the 'Unemployment Line' xx

  4. I love your postcards! So cute. The Out of Work Carrier Pigeons is awesome. Is that the one you said you had a mistake on? I couldn't tell and looked at all of them very carefully. You do perfect work. For some reason I found this post in my spam file. Glad I found it. Worth reading. I enjoyed reading your calendar too. It's nice to look back and see what you have done. I should start doing that...well, maybe writing it down on a piece of paper. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  5. All of them are works of art! Those pigeons, though, are so cute!

  6. Hi Annie, As always your calendars are so much fun and so are your days! Love that large scissors stamp! The carrier pigeons....just too cute! Love your creativity.

  7. Love your mail art, I always enjoy your creativity. Reading your calendar page is always fun, so much more interesting than my own.

  8. Hello Annie Banannie.
    I always find it amusing that you use a sewing stamp instead of doing the actual sewing (although I think you do real sewing too sometimes?).
    The carrier pigeons, you can see that they have gotten older and I think they are enjoying their retirement as we all are. Nice to see that two are still wearing their flying helmets for old-times sake. The other one with the top hat is obviously going out to his club for lunch.
    I know what you mean about not sending a wrongly addressed address, even if you can cover it up, and it is especially bad if your hand-writing knows the name perfectly well but miswrites it just to amuse itself.
    Cycling postcard is lots of fun as you have on your own bike rides, with some real sewing too.
    I shall have a nice time later reading your lovely calendar and as always I will say that it inspires me to write up a calendar too and one day I will (maybe).

  9. Love the mail art! I, too, love fall decoration, especially the really creative ones! I'll be back to look at more of your work and posts.

  10. I'm way behind, but these are super fabulous!!!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  11. all look so awesome...well done mf.
    x Karen


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