Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Numbers Strip

I’ve sewn another thing...this one really is a thing.

I mentioned while sewing my tote straps that I was inspired by them.  I loved looking at them hanging around waiting to be sewn to the tote.

So I cut and sewed a strip of the numbers to have hanging around for my viewing enjoyment.

Different set of numbers on the back...

No rhyme or reason here.  Just something I like looking at.  It can move around and hang out anywhere.  I love it.  As my cousin-in-law said, “it’s danged cool!”  She likes words and numbers too.

Most days it doesn’t take much to amuse me.


  1. I think it is cool too and I think that chest of drawers in the background is pretty cool too. I like things that have no rhyme or reason and I have a bunch of fairly odd things hanging or sitting around. Hmmm maybe that is an excuse for untidiness.

  2. :) You've amused me, too. If you love looking at it (and I do), the "thing" serves its purpose in visual pleasure!

  3. Hi Annie i think its cool too ,what a wonderful decoration to hang,well done my friend on your beautiful work xx

  4. Great idea - love where you are hanging it too. xx

  5. Oh I'm easily amused too, but I think this is great idea to use a fabric which is "too good to use" but is so good to look at. One could just do a strip and hang it from anywhere. Great idea which I will "borrow" for sure.
    It would be good for Christmas deccies too - a strip of trees or snowmen or something. I like the idea of a strip textile. Maybe a strip of different little pictures?
    There are a lot of possibilities here. Thanks for the idea.

  6. I think we all have our moments of being easily amused.
    I like your numbers strip.

  7. I have a lot of things in my home that have no rhyme or reason to them, including having Creepy Bunny out all year. He makes me smile, so I keep him around. I need all the smiley things I can get! I love that number strip and your cabinet behind it is awesome!


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