Saturday, March 7, 2020

Writing Inks In Art

I’m experimenting with my writing inks and adding them to an art postcard.

I first made a full sheet masterboard on a mixed media paper just sprayed with Ranger Distress Oxide Spray (mustard seed).  When that was dry I cut a postcard size from the master board.  I put some orange ink on an acrylic platform, spritzed it with water and set the postcard face down on top of the inked acrylic.  Ran my fingers over it then removed it and let it dry.

This ink has gold shimmery something in it.  It settles to the bottom.  I tried showing that here, but I couldn’t find a good way to catch it on camera.

You can see it best near the left side and the bottom edge on the postcard.

I stamped the images with Black Soot Archival Ink and added some washi tapes around the edges.

On the address side, I added torn strips of washi tape.  I have a roll that really just wants to stick to itself.  So it tears off kind of artsy all by itself.

I always glue down the ends of my washi tapes so that they don’t get caught in the postal servicing system.

If you haven’t seen the new T-Rex postage stamps, let me share one here.
They are a lenticular image (I think).

When the stamp is looked at from another angle it changes to the skeletal version.  Pretty fun, huh!

I’m looking forward to more art with my writing inks.


  1. Love! Everything on this post: the ink experiments, the torn washi tape border, and those fabulous new postage stamps! I'm looking forward to "more art with [your] writing inks"! So much fun to visit here. :)

  2. As always the first one I opened and it didn't disappoint me!!! Wow!! Fun seeing you and Debbie on Sat.

  3. Oh lots of arty fun here. Spraying and distressing and washi tape that gets all arty all by itself. The stamped image in the middle is pretty amazing - is that several stamps?- and stamped with the delightfully named Black Soot Ink. I am super-impressed. Your photos of the inks and washi tape and all else look seriously whatever the art equivalent of "delicious" is.
    Imagine a postage stamp that changes when you look at it from another angle, that's new, and it's pretty clever of you to actually get a photo of the change.

  4. I absolutely love this postcard!!! It is so bright and cheery. I'm sure the gold Shimmer in real life is beautiful. Can't wait see what you do with the rest of the Master board! I love the stamp you used. I have that set and always love it but rarely use it... I probably have too many stamps lol ....and not enough time!

  5. Oh and I forgot to comment of course I freaking love the dinosaur stamps. Days and the bio luminescence stamps may be my favorite ones I have ever come out with!

  6. I’ve been enjoying reading your posts lately, just so busy I can’t comment sometimes! I gotta get me some of those stamps! Lol


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