Friday, May 8, 2020

Calendar Journal and Stuff

This is my buddy, Bolt.

He hangs out at the end of a branch pencil and watches me do stuff at my desk.  He’s the quiet type.  Just watches.  Even though I talk to him all the time.

I have a new “stimulus” camera to play with.

Do you play the piano?

Apparently no one at this house does either.  It looks like it’s almost on its last leg.  

A postcard I made for Postcrossing.  Just to show I’m not sitting here doing completely nothing...sometimes I do a thing.

April has come and gone.  Since it was my first full month of Sundays, I should have labeled everyday “Sunday”.  Ha!

April is my birthday month so I documented that it was “my COVID-19 Birthday”. You know, not everyone gets a COVID-19 least I hope not anyway.

So now I’m going about my May days and wondering if it will be another month of Sundays.  Fine by mine me, I love it.


  1. oohh dear your buddy is sooo sweet

  2. Haha! Bolt looks so cool I bet he has deep thoughts. Maybe one day he will surprise you.
    How strange to find that piano. It could be part of a strange story, maybe a long novel, one of these Gothic novels some of us used to read many years ago.
    April looks like a great reading month. Playing games - I am curious what games you play, have you any recommendations?
    I like the look of the April page and I think Bolt may have had a hand in it.

  3. Your friend Bolt is a great listener. Doesn't interrupt! Hehe! As always, love reading your monthly journal. You got a lot of reading done and some nice walks! Happy Belated Covid Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday and congratulations on your new "stimulus" camera, Annie! I love the pic of the piano, so bittersweet.

  5. LOL I had a Covid birthday too....maybe we will be able to celebrate next year!

  6. Enjoy all your Sundays! Who knows how long this will last but you're staying busy. Enjoy the moments of peacefulness and creativity. Love reading your calendar, as always.

  7. My birthday got in prior to the covid 19 so I was able to celebrate just in time. Happy Belated Birthday. Bolt looks very friendly and interesting. LOL

  8. I love that "Month of Sundays"....too funny.... I usually say it will take me a month of Sundays to get that it. Happy Covid Birthday to you!!!


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