Friday, September 11, 2020

Paper Pieced Table Runner

From Turid’s blog  I learned about  Leila Gardunia’s  free paper piecing scrappy triangles.  I downloaded them and printed them.  They come as a 6” block but I shrunk them down to 4.5” blocks.

I had a limited amount of the the gray fabric so I made blocks until I ran out of it.  

That gave me only 20 blocks.

From sloppy to nice and neat.

It’s a good thing I used a minimum amount of fabrics.   I can get pretty messy when I’m paper piecing.

There weren’t enough to make them into the design I was hoping to use so I worked on alternative layouts.

I decided on blocks of 4 blocks.

I quilted it with too many rows of quilting.  I don’t care for tight quilting lines.  I think they make the piece too stiff.  I removed 2 rows of quilting in each direction.

Much better.  You can still see where I removed quilting lines until it hits the washer.  Then the needle holes will disappear.

The table runner measures 49”x15”

Now that I’ve had that practice I am going to make them at full size for a Christmas quilt in the design I had planned to begin with.

My August calendar journal

Many, many awesomely fun days of sewing last month.

I forgot to cover the personal stuff...Mom is doing fine.

I have to write blog posts with Blog Touch to write them on my iPad.  The app crashes often while writing and adding photos.  Every time it crashes I have to edit the post and then it puts “(Temporary Backup)” in front of my post title.  It does that every time it crashes.  So if you see that, this is why you see it.  I have to edit the title in Blogger dashboard.  Jeezelouise, the hoops we have to jump through sometimes!


  1. Beautiful! Love the fabrics and the finished runner is spectacular. You are already making Halloween postcards? My sense of time has to be re-adjusted. Everything seems to pop up unexpectedly--it is almost October! Love your calendar--as always. :)

  2. Annie, I love that table runner! Can I add another thing to my already full schedule? I do love to paper piece but it does get messy! Yay for all your sewing/quilting days! Thankful that your mom is doing well. COVID-19 is scary!

  3. Gray and yellow are a great color combination Annie. I couldn't see where you removed the quilting, but whatever you did looks wonderful. Are you going to make the larger blocks in the same colors or in Christmas colors?

  4. I really love what you did with those blocks. It's a really beautiful runner.

  5. Wow! Your table runner is great! Thanks also for the link to the paper piecing triangles. I have downloaded them and will make something scrappy with them. Glad your mother is doing good.

  6. Oh I like that border, it really stands out nicely.

  7. You are obviously a master at paper piecing, using your limited fabrics to great effect (and not getting a little bit just out of the seam after you fold it over, aaargaar). I rather like this choice of fabrics - yellow and greys, quite unusual and calming. I'm very impressed how each of the four triangles in the square is different. I'm also impressed that you undid the too-much quilting. The border is perfect with the pieced within the black. The finished runner is just beautiful, I love it.

  8. WOW! Great table runner and what a wonderful group of fabrics. Two calendar months in a little over a week is a special little treat. I hope your mom continues to do well.

  9. I love your table runner. I didn't realize until I read it a second time that I've made those triangles and never done anything with them. Your table runner is a great idea. Now I have to go to my sewing room and look for them. LOL BTW, I love your fabrics too. I'm going to be on the look out for some of that.


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