Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Out With the Old...

...In With the New.  Welcome 2021!

My last sewing for the year 2020 was this set of potholders as a Christmas gift for my friend who loves to cook.  They went along with a sampling of Poppy Seed Cake.

The Poppy Seed Cake and Poppy Seed Cookies were the last baking I was able to do with my 47 year old Sunbeam Mixmaster as it has given out on me.  

Loud noise, a not promising smell and a hot motor as I desperately tried to get the cake mixed before burning down the house.  

The beaters wouldn’t even snap in for this staged photo!

I do hope that my new-on-the-way KitchenAid mixer will give me as many good years and yummy treats.

The last of 2020.

There will once again be a new calendar journal format for 2021.

It was a rather rough December with appliances breaking down, but even with that and the nasty Virus, life is good.

2021 begins with some unexpected yet welcome deep cleaning of my house.  Boy does it need it!  But sewing and playing are so much more fun!



quiltingbydawn said...

Annie, sorry to hear of your appliance issues but that poppy seed cake and cookies look delicious! I’m sure your friend will love those potholders and that wonderful spread of goodies! Yay! I’m so glad you are continuing your calendars. I have started again but I’m sure they won’t be as creative as yours! I’m just looking forward to documenting each day.

sheila 77 said...

Looks like December was a lot of calm enjoyment. I like the way the squares overlapped on the calendar and the holly down the side.
That was considerate of your elderly mixer to wait until you had finished the cake before retiring from mixing. The Poppy Seed cake looks delicious, an excellent farewell from an old friend.
The fresh potholders are good and all ready to go. It's a nice photo too.

West Michigan Quilter said...

Love those potholders. What a thoughtful gift, I bet she loved the poppy seed cake too. So sorry about your appliance. Like the new calendar format. I think it's easier to read. Looks like you had a busy month. Happy New year,

Mary C said...

Would you share a few books you enjoyed recently?

QuiltGranma said...

Hope you kept that very handy bowl from the old mixer! If you cannot use the bowl the folks at a thrift shop will find a buyer for it!

Lin said...

Nice pot holders. Your mixer has done you good service! My first Kenwood was well over 25 when I had to let it go so yours did better than mine! Enjoy your new Kitchenaid - always on ones wish list.

jenclair said...

My ancient blender bit the dust, but I do love my new one. I doubt it will last as long as my original one, but it is doing the job with a few more options that I probably won't even use. :)

Tera Callihan said...

I love the blue starry pot holders!! Sorry to hear about your poor mixer! 47 years is a great run for a mixer!! Hopefully your friend loved everything and you'll love your new kitchen aid!

Carol said...

Sorry about your appliances, my Mom had a Sunbeam Mixmaster while I was growing up. I remember using it when I was old enough. Sweet memories!