Thursday, March 4, 2021

A Mini Pincushion

I have had a tiny paper pieced dress form lying around for some years.  I have been seeing quite a few mini pincushions of late and decided to stitch the dress form into a pincushion.  It measures 1” X 3.25”.

I don’t need another pincushion to use when sewing.  Turid, at densyendehimmel , makes lots of adorable mini pincushions and collects them in a jar.  I thought that makes a creative sewing space decor.  So that is what I plan to do with this mini and others that “might” follow.  Now I just need the perfect jar.

Isn’t this bathing beauty a delight!  She steals the show from the pincushion.
I drew the paper piecing pattern myself and have enlarged and reduced it for intended uses.

The backside.

February 2021 Calendar Journal
I considered not bothering to share it with so much of it in hiding, but what the heck, why not

This new format is no fancy keepsake book or artsy pages.  But they’re simple and quick to gussy up with Washi Tapes, of which I have a large collection of.


  1. A paper-pieced dress form made into a pin cushion - that is such a good design for a pin cushion as the dress form is what you would stick pins into in real life. (I have been given a pin cushion in the past into which I could never stick a pin). How appropriate for the back to have dress pattern instructions.
    Your calendar page is miles better than mine (non-existent). Of course we are intrigued by the cover-ups as they look like fun sewing cover-ups and maybe someone is getting a special sewn gift.
    You've got a dolly! Isn't she sweet.
    Have a happy sewing month.

  2. Loved reading your calendar with all the secrets! The pincushion and doll are adorable 🥰

  3. I love your pincushion. If you've been here, you should have got a jar to keep your mini pincushions. Not easy to send.

  4. Fun pin cushion. Your calendar is the star.

  5. What a sweet little pincushion. The jar idea sounds good. xx

  6. Great pin cushion! Pin cushions allow for creativity, use of scraps, and fast project completion. They also make interesting gifts, but a jar full of tiny pin cushions sounds like fun--a BIG jar or a clear vase and the little sewer's helpers available for view!

  7. Such a cute mini pin cushion! Love the idea of a jar of different ones! Also I see you're working on a Tim Holtzy know I can't wait to see that!! I love seeing all your beautiful makes!

  8. congrat with your retirement I can fully understand you are happy and enjoying your creative life now. I do the same, love my hobbies and being able to spend my time as i like eventhough I have some diffilculties in my body. Stay safe dear and take care

  9. Annie, cute mini pincushion and your doll is a beauty! Please keep sharing your calendar journal even with blocked out things. Your creativity keeps me inspired! ❤️

  10. Wow - the calendar is fab, the pin cushion is fab, the doll is fab - everything is fab. Love it all!


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