Saturday, April 24, 2021

Twinchies Art Journal Page

Twinchies are a 2” piece of art.

Strange as it may sound, for this art journal page I was inspired by my own long ago art.  As well as being inspired by Sheila of Orange esmeralda convincing me to give art journaling a try through Art Journal Journey  monthly challenges.

The story behind this page is...
A flickr group had a Twinchie swap.  I’d never made twinchies before but they sounded fun.  And they were.  We were given a partner and were to make 4 twinchies to send to our partner.  I made these Twinchies.

There are times when my art surprises the heck out of me!  These were like that.  I couldn’t believe I made them.  I loved them.  I proudly mailed them off to my partner.  We’ll skip a description of what I received in return.  But I wanted my twinchies back.

I always wanted to make more.  But, what would I do with them anyway.  So I never did.  Now that I understand art journaling as the desire to simply make art, I wanted to recreate the twinchies.

I pulled out my stash of previously watercolored papers to choose the 2” backgrounds.

Got out my box of rejected doodads.

Will need some bling.

Made some new doodads.

And began embossing base images with white embossing powder and then adding bits from there to create six twinchies.  Four were recreated  similar to the original four and two new ones.

I’m so glad I did this.  I loved making them again.

The page is sprayed with Old Paper Oxide Spray.  Then Brushed Cordoroy Oxide ink dabbed through a stencil.

Then some modeling paste scraped over another stencil.  The modeling paste goes on white.  As it dries, it will absorb the colors of water based inks.

I forced myself to be patient allowing each application of the paste to dry before adding more to each area.  It’s a nice payoff for sure.  I’m usually trying to get it all done at once and always end up smearing the previously applied wet paste.

I arranged the twinchies on the page.

Added some Washi Tape pieces to the page edges.

Finally I added the words after darkening them with StazOn ink.

Now I feel like I’ve got my twinchies back to enjoy whenever I want.

Have a fun filled artful day!


  1. What a beautiful page! I love your colourful twinchies and that fabulous background Annie. So glad you made them again.
    Alison xx

  2. Very pretty. I probably would have put them in a frame and hung them on the wall.

  3. Your finches are stunning, and love how you combined them to make a wonderful journal page! Thanks for linking this beauty to AJJ! Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

    1. Twinchies not finches, my spell check is crazy!

    2. Hahaha...I knew what you meant and I knew how it happened. Been there!

  4. Your Twinchies are fantastic! They make a fabulous journal page! Hugs, Chrisx

  5. I love these! If I had seen them years ago when I attempted paper crafting, I would have kept at it. So fun!

  6. That is a great idea Annie. I love your twinchies, and like you, I would just end up with a pile if I made them. But adding them on a journal page is really smart, and makes such a great finished page. Your background is pretty great too. Thanks for sharing with us at AJJ. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Hugs-Erika

  7. Another lovely page. I had to look up Twinchie! xx

  8. I remember these twinchies from the past. I thought they were sublime then and I still do.
    The little green bird with his tiny tag was my favourite and then the butterfly. How good that you decided to make some more - Inspired by YOU.
    I love that you have these boxes with the goodies all arranged. And am impressed by how you waited for paint to dry - what a long wait it can (seemingly) be.
    I like seeing the little bird waiting patiently to get on to his green square.
    I like the stars and the swirls.
    I like the butterfly on pink singing to his music.
    I like all six.
    And I enjoyed the story a lot.

  9. Love this post. The twinchies are wonderful. You are so talented. Loved seeing the doodads and bling too! So cute and so much fun.

  10. Your twinhies and art journal page are beautiful ♡ sorry you didn't receive one's as fabulous. So glad you remade some for yourself though! They shine on that page. Love your regects box! I just think of mine as bits I have a lot of random bits from unfinished projects, rejected ideas and whatever else. They are just fun bits :)

  11. Wow- so cool! I want to go make some now! I did some squares on my journal page this weekend but now wishing I had embellished them like you did. I may go back and add some more elements to them. Wonderfully done and I really love what you did with them and how you made this awesome page! Hugz

  12. Forgot to tell you that I love how you did the post and showed us how you got the end and why!

  13. Whimsical and fun! I like the idea of framing these with their bright colors and cheerful aspect. Make more! :)

  14. I love your twinchies! They are awesome!

  15. Your twinchies are fabulous!! They would look great on my scrap book pages.

  16. Those twinchies are stunning! Sorry that you were underwhelmed by what you received in that original swap. Glad to took time to photograph the ones you sent. Even more pleased that you decided to make more for yourself!

  17. Carry on with your Twinchies. It is a shame that these things come and go. Not many people make atc's these days - and the round ones hardly took off. Maybe we should make banners and walk around the streets shouting "bring back Twinchies", they were so much easier to make than the Inchies.
    Your new ones look lovely and work so well with the reproduction old ones. Such a lovely idea to use them mounted in this way in your journal. What a lovely bright page this is and how nice that you can look back on something that you are proud of. I did have to smile at the bit where you were underwhelmed at the returned Twinchies.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  18. Amazing! Your Twinchies journal page is so beautiful. Love that you were inspired by your own art! Sounds like you were underwhelmed by what you got in return of your beautiful art. This also happened to me so I don't exchange any more. I rather give away or keep what I make. ❤️

  19. That is an gorgeous idea with the stamps and colors pages. Wonderful journal page!
    Hugs Elke

  20. Such lovely little pieces of art. If you lived next door to me, I would have dropped in to learn more of you. You inspire me a lot, and now I'm come to a point I dare to try.

  21. Your newest Twinchies look very similar to your original ones. You did such a great job with the first ones, I'm glad you were able to create more for yourself. They are even better than the originals because they are all yours and they are fabulous. I'm also thrilled you chose to share this incredible page with us at Art Journal Journey honoring Eileen's theme.

  22. Your twinchies are great. I did some inchies one was so weird doing the first one. You really have to focus on tiny....
    Sad that you didn't get as good as you gave in the trade... sometimes it happens. Mostly I've had good success with it...but, a time or two.... so I know how you felt. It totally bums you out. I'm glad that you made some more for yourself.


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