Wednesday, June 23, 2021

A Study In Layers

A Study In Layers is a much kinder title than This Poor Art Journal Page.

This page has been around the block and back more times than I could keep count.  It really is full of layers.  Layers of fixing attempts!  It looks nothing at all like it started out to look.  I even tore the page from the journal as a reject.  But when I decided to cut it down to try to rescue it as a postcard, I saw one last possible save attempt.  

I swear, my art is awful until I successfully (I use that word loosely) “fix” it with a dozen layer attempts.  I won’t even begin to explain the process of the many layers on this page.  

This page went from bad to worse to torn from the journal.  But when I approached it with a ruler and rotary cuter, I saw a possible doorway.  We all know I do not draw...well.  But it was already trash so, what the heck did I have to loose.  I “abstractly” tried giving the doorway depth and some steps.

The man and dog were rejects from a halloween card.  I blacked out their eyes for a creepy effect.  And then didn’t use them.  They fit the doorway better than any other choice.  I fixed the man’s eyes with a bad look of sunglasses.  The poor little dog though was harder to fix.

If you don’t look closely... hahaha
The page probably needs something at the top, but I’m sure it would be trash if I don’t just leave it alone now.  The man and dog must be exploring some old historic ruin...pun intended.

I glued the page back into my art journal and will now explore new possibilities in fixing a new awful art page.  It’s a process that seems to work for me.


  1. These do look like old ruins, Annie. I love the layers, I love the explanation, I love the sheer beauty of this page. You create fabulous art, whether you realize it or not.

  2. I always love looking at your blog posts!! There is a mixed media instructor on Craftsy who says there are no mistakes in making art. I am glad you kept going with this and such an awesome page! So inspiring!! Layers and layers seem to be the answer.

  3. It's fabulous Annie, you really created to look of old ruins. Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

  4. Annie, I love how you ‘saw’ a door in your reject page and was able to fix this page into something creative! I like how the man and dog are standing at the top of the steps of old ruins! Can’t wait to see other creative fixes! You inspire me!

  5. :) Love your explanations and there is always something special about saving an attempt that you aren't happy with and turning it into something you like. Layering and redeeming!

  6. It's a great page Annie, I love the colours and textures. Maybe a title at the top?
    Happy weekend!
    Alison xx

  7. Looking like a combination of Ripper Street and His Masters Voice to me but it definitely works! Love it. xx

  8. I just saw the comment you left at Chris's blog about Kate Crane. I remember you created the most amazing calendars every month. I was there when she still had a link on her blog every month, but when everything moved away from her blog to Facebook, I couldn't join in. I simply don't have time for anything except blogging. I KNEW I remembered you from somewhere, and now I remember it was from Kate's monthly calendars. I'm still creating mine and they are still as wimpy as they ever were (grin).

    1. Oh! I started out making my calendars with a mix of fabric and paper. Then switched to just paper. They got to be so time consuming and I ran out of ideas for designs. I switch formats every so often looking for a quicker and easier creative monthly page. I don’t think I’ll find any way easier than the one I now make unless I just go with a blank calendar page. I always wanted Kate to create the page designs and sell them retail so that I would have a fun calendar but only need to fill in the blocks. No one has ever done that that I know of. It’s not really important how the calendar looks. It’s important to be present all day and to think back on the day and how it was spent. I first started my calendars as a therapeutic daily exercise to find something pleasant from each day during a difficult time.

  9. well despite the struggle you seemed to have, I love how it came out and all the texture

  10. I think it's lovely! Sometimes you need to let it simmer for a while. I have a few pieces that I've gone back to years later. Don't toss it, let it simmer.


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