Monday, June 20, 2022

Man Quilt

Another man quilt.
The request is black and red...again.  This time I felt like that meant and no other color.  But I get to choose the backings.

I thought I would just use the “sticks” design.  They were inspired by a photo on Pinterest
I wanted them on a larger scale.

But just the sticks was too blah.  I decided some economy blocks thrown into the mix gave it more interest.

When the top was all together I took notice of the backside and the variety of the red fabric wrongsides.  I find all those light colored backings on the red fabrics rather fascinating.

Once again, no froofroo for these men of mine.

I thought while making it that I wasn’t liking it too much.  Man stuff can be boring.
But I do like it very much in the end.

It looks kind of like it could be a game board.
Just need some large game pieces and a set of rules.

 It’s quite different from any quilt design I’ve made so far.
It measures 75” X 63”

Off it goes to the man.



  1. It's amazing how much movement there is in all of the red fabrics. It really moves my eye around the quilt. Wouldn't it be fun to make this quilt in reverse with the backs of the fabrics showing? Your photo of the back is so cool! Great finish... and I don't think this quilt is boring at all. :)

  2. That is a beautiful quilt! The red pops against the black and I like the geometric pattern. Any man would LOVE that quilt!

  3. Looks great, Annie!

  4. I love everything about it, but especially with your adding the economy blocks, that took it to an all new level.

  5. I love this even though I'm not a man. It's wonderful! Hugs, Valerie

  6. I love your quilt. Want to make one for my son just like it. What an inspiration you are! Caroll

  7. You amaze me! This quilt is stunning.

  8. You are so darn talented. Hope you can take it to guild before you send it off.

  9. It's a great design - to me it looks like stacks of precariously piled books! Great finish and I love the reverse - so many interesting shades there. How about making one using the wrong side of the fabric. xx

  10. Great man design Annie! Love the sticks but adding the utility blocks added so much more!

  11. Annie, this is absolutely stunning! Great job, my friend!!

    1. Well that was strange. I thought I had signed in successfully. Lol Snoodlz

  12. I realIly love the red and black. The design you came up with is perfect for a two color quilt. Looking at the backs of the fabrics is fun. I have made several quilts over the years using the backs instead of the fronts and one where the back was such a contrast that I used both the front and back for a 2 color quilt. And then there is the occasional quilt block that has the opps back on the front for ever and ever.

  13. Perfect "man quilt". I love the big and bold design in red and black and no other colors.

  14. Wow! The quilt looks amazing Annie! You're so talented!

  15. I like it. It's intriguing, It does look like a game board of some kind. Should be a happy man.


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