Thursday, June 22, 2023

Printed Fabric Scrap Quilt

After beginning this text fabric art quilt in 2012,

You can read about it’s making here

and finishing it in 2018, 
I’ve had lots of ink jet printed text fabric pieces still lingering in a small storage drawer. 
It is time to make them more useful.

I scanned scrapbook papers and purchased printed works from the internet then printed them onto fabric with my ink jet printer.

Inspiration for this project came from a birthday gift magazine titled “UPPERCASE”. Paper crafted projects are often my inspiration for fabric projects. 

I cut the printed fabrics into squares.

I stitched a 1/4” sashing between the squares. 

This small quilt measures 39” X 51”
Just the right size for a car quilt.

The border and binding fabrics are purchased (not ink jet printed).

Yes, of course there are still scraps of these printed fabric pieces.
I decided a car quilt needs a car pillow.

I cut squares at 1-1/2” and tacked them to a foundation fabric and just quilted the piece with raw edges. 

I used a 14” pillow form. 

A piece of Tim Holtz fabric on the back. 

If you’re riding with me and you get tired, you’re all set for a comfy snooze.


Carol Swift said...

I love this quilt and how you printed the fabrics. You are so good at this!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm impressed you were able to print that on an inkjet printer, Annie. You must have waterproof ink, because every ink jet I have seen runs. Your quilt is gorgeous and so is that pillow. Just an amazing and lovely finished quilt. Stunning!

Annie said...

Elizabeth, thank you. The fabric used for ink jet printing is pre-treated for the ink and gets set into the fabric permanently.

sheila 77 said...

There is so much to this, I could talk with you about it for ages.
"Scanned scrapbook papers and purchased printed works" then printing on to fabric with your computer printer. This sound like a whole lot of interesting activity even before you start cutting, patchworking and quilting. I am also fascinated by your two ways of joining the patches - quarter inch sashing for the rug (so neatly and precisely done) and raw edge quilting (which looks equally marvellous and precise) for the cushion. These are marvellous little squares to be examined and admired for ages.
This is more than a tour-de-force it is a tour-de-force squared.
I'm certain that the Uppercase magazine would love to see this.

Createology said...

Annie you are the very best at making things that are super interesting and very creative. I love your self printed fabrics and it is perfect for a road trip. There are times I haven’t known if I could wear my coat properly or lay it across my freezing legs on a car trip. Happy and Safe Fourth of July Dear.

Carmen said...
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waggonswest said...

It is a beautiful quilt. And has given me inspiration for a project I have been mulling over.

Everum said...

For quite some time, I've been hooked on your blog, and your new posts consistently exceed my expectations.