Friday, August 26, 2011

Is your laundry done and all intact?

Earlier in the week, one of the guests at Sew We Quilt  guest #16, Lisa, an embroidery designer at Lazy May has an embroidery pattern titled One Red Sock.  Ok, that got me musing about lost socks in the laundry.  I know this is a tired old topic but this has always fascinated me because, ...are you ready?...I have NEVER lost a sock in the laundry!  And I haven't ever had an opportunity to say that.  Am I really the only woman in the world that has never lost a sock in the laundry?  I thought I did a few times, but it turned out not to have gotten sorted and was just in a different load. 

Well, a couple of weeks ago I got so excited...I thought I finally, after all these years, lost a sock in the laundry!  Not so fast girlie...yep, didn't happen.  Yep, it was in a different load.  But here's what happened...  The lint catcher was upstairs drying from being washed (you have to wash the gunk off those things now and then, you know.  It clogs up the little screen holes and your dryer has to run longer to get the clothes dry...did you know that?), that was a few days ago and the lint catcher hadn't made it's way back to the basement yet.  I forgot about it.  I put a load of clothes in to dry.  Soon my husband comes in from outside asking if I want my dryer sheet back and suggested I replace the lint catcher.  Silly me.  When I folded the clothes and one sock was missing, I was sure it got into the dryer vent and blown out into the yard just like the softener sheet was.  I asked hub if he found any of his socks out in the yard...nothing like sending a man on a wild goose chase - eh?

Have you really lost your footwear in your laundry?  I feel like I'm missing out on an important part of womanhood!  Well, tell me...

Make this day a memorable one!

NOTE:  Since blogging is so new to me, I have a musing from my pre-blogging-strictly-flickr-only days...come see me on Monday and we'll discuss it.  Oh dear, miss nicey is already beginning to fade away...


  1. Wash the lint catcher? That's a new one on me. So what do you use to clean it with?

  2. MMMM can't say this has ever happened to me...I dont' wear socks....kidding
    NO really I have never lost a sock..ever...I always pin them Nanny used to do the same...old habits never die...
    love your spin on it.. x

  3. I just wash it with dish soap and the scrubby side of a sponge. A fine film forms on all the little holes of the screen from dryer sheets and lint.

    Oh, pin them together - that way, if one got lost, the other just went right with it...and you could still say you never lost "a" sock. If they both went, you might not even know you lost them since one doesn't remain behind tattling...good plan!

  4. well with three boys and ummm a hubby who sometimes seem like one of the boys when they were growing up I went through that and just got tired of it. So my solution to it was I buy nothing but white socks same style same brand so no matter what they all match lol.
    Have a great day Annie happy sock hunting
    Peace and Blessings
    Cheryl..Snatch JOY~!

  5. I have lost many a sock in the laundry. I never find some of them again. Where DID they go? I keep a small basket of socks with no mates and periodically just throw them out and start over. I have never washed a lint catcher.

  6. Cheryl - That's how I buy socks for the guys too, but I still never have an odd one out. (I buy flashy fun ones for myself.)

    Alexis - hahaha...If I did loose socks, that's what I'd do...toss 'em!

  7. I don't think I've ever lost socks in the laundry, though my kids do lose them all over the house. I have those moments where I find one and realize I've already tossed/repurposed the other one... I have also had those days where I find out "One Red ____" got in with some white clothes hence turning everything pink. That sucks, especially when it's with my boy's clothes. I need to go wash my lint catcher.


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