Monday, August 29, 2011

Why Flickr if you're just gonna say "Blogged here"

It took me forever to Blog because I found blogs confusing and couldn't figure out how to find stuff on them. So prior to now blogging, I only flickr'd.  Now, I think most people that upload photos to flickr are hoping to get some nice comments on their photography or their artistic abilities of their crafts. 

When I click on someone's photo, I'm hoping to also get a description of the scene location or a description of the artistic craft, or why it was made, etc.  When I would see "Blogged here" as the description, I'd think, ok, the photo is for their blog not for flickr purposes.  As more and more people blog, this becomes more frequent.  I deal with it by saying to my computer screen as I click the back button, "If you can't be bothered to tell me something about your photo, then I can't be bothered to leave you a comment.  I'm here on flickr and I'm not going to go chase down your photo on your blog." 
photo from Lisa's Altered Art

For one, I may only just have found your photostream today and that photo is on page 2 or so in your photostream, taken 3 weeks ago and not likely to be on the front page of your blog when I get there.

Now, while having my blog lesson on inserting photos into my post, I learned that photos can come directly off your computer...they don't need to be uploaded to a go-between such as flickr is for other community forums that require a go-between to post photos within their forums.  So, here we are arriving at my question...Why bother with flickr if the photo is just for your blog?  Are you using flickr to get people to your blog?  Speaking only for myself, I'm not going to your blog to find out about your photo.  I don't want to know about it that badly.  However, if you would give at least a brief description on flickr and then add something like "more info can be found on my blog", you'd have much more of my attention than you are getting now...on both your flickr photostream and your blog.  Muse on it.

I do a lot of musing while on the back of this bike.


  1. Well, I for one have NEVER said, "blogged here" on account that if I did that, it wouldn't direct you to anything! Seems that I have to link my whole blog URL for anything to link up on Flickr. Duh...say dumb! If I could say, "blogged here" I surely would though because why say everything twice? I got a puppy, honey. I don't have all the time in the world! When a man has to "go" a man has to "go"! Boy puppies are the same way!

  2. Carol, I see that you have missed my point. You always give a breif description on your flickr photo and then you go into depth on your blog. Exactly what keeps me coming back to both of your accounts.

  3. I totally understand what you are meaning. I have to admit I often write "blogged here". Until today I did not see the problem with older flickr photos. I will add the direct link to my blog post from now on :)

    The thing with flickr is: I only have to upload the image one time. From there I can share it in my blog, in other communities (forums) and flickr groups of course. But I try to at least give a meaningful name and description (e.g. fabric names) and add my photo to the corresponding album. But also "blogged here" ;)


  4. Hi Susanne, I don't suppose you will see this response, but you are a no reply comment as well as not allowing your proile when I click on your name, so I wasn't able to find your blog or any other way to contact you. Anyway, kuddos to you for at least figuring out how to connect the proper blog post to your flickr photo.


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