Thursday, September 29, 2011

Crème Glacée

The one and only, Madame Samm, designed this oh-so-me blog.  She designed it, she organized it and then she spent the time to teach me how to use it.  I just love what she came up with and I'm mystified that she saw me so clearly!

In return she asked for ice cream.

I don't blog so good yet, but I definitely can do ice cream!

Originally I designed this cone pattern for a table mat for my daughter for her birthday and it eventually evolved into this end result.

I don't really enjoy mass production or even duplication when a creation is intended for a specific reason.  So, I really needed Samm's ice cream to be different.  Immediately I was in a rough patch to come up with a different design.  It didn't really work, I still only liked the same color cones, hard as I tried to change them, and I still only liked the same center arrangement.

Then I got stuck again for a border.  This I had to muse on for a couple of weeks before I finally thought about my recent thin paper pieced stripe design.  I think it will work...

I moved on to the quilting letting the cones dictate where the quilting went.

I'm pretty pleased with this new Crème Glacée table mat.  French is Samm's first language so I thought a french title was fitting for her.  Not to mention that the words ice cream in french just look as delicious as the cones don't you agree?

When I added the little cone dot just inside the binding, I didn't cut the fabric thinking about where the dots would fall.  They show only in sections...I immediately thought I have to take those off and fussy cut the dotted strips...then I took another look...I think it adds visual interest the way it is.  so, it stays put.

Gosh darn it!  Another little quiltie that was so hard to let drop into that big blue postal box.  I hope you like it too Samm.

Enjoy a lovely end of summer ice cream social!


Anonymous said...

I've been toying with the idea of your ice cream cones most of the seeing them again makes me want to do them even more! Thanks for the inspiration-and I love how you've quilted them diagonally across, following the 'cone-line'! Lovely-and yummy!!

Sparky said...

And my oh my do I love never melts unless I note it melted my heart when I saw it...It is sweet but not too sweet that I will gain any pounds and it is priceless, and will be treasured for a long while...with a cherry on top..x

carol said...

You are so good at those cones and I love the difference in the quilts. Very original! I bet both parties loved theirs.

Anonymous said...

They are both very different but I love them both!

Hi, I'm Suz!! said...

Ever since you posted your ice cream cones and your paper piecing on Wantobe, I've been longing to try paper piecing.... I.just.don't.have.time. now... Hopefully I'll be able to try after Christmas..... And that seems so far away!!

Love your Cones!!!

Hugs ~~ Suz

Corrie said...

Definitely a sweet treat!

Grammasheri said...

Delightful, Annie!

Joanie's Trendy Quilts said...

Well Annie I am enjoying going back into your block and seeing your amazing creations. Your ice cream placemat is so adorable!