Friday, September 9, 2011

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say!

When we arrived in the Midwest 17 years ago, it was the beginning in that we noticed people would say they would do something that, in the end, would never happen.  Lots of those so called empty promises were not necessarily meaningful.  But the ones that required planning ahead are most relevant.  Too many times we found ourselves waiting for...nothing.  We found ourselves contacting the involved party to get more details to plan better...the involved party suddenly had no clue what we were talking about.  Now we're back here on the west coast and it's happening here.  What gives?! 

Do so many people just talk to hear themselves talk?  I just cannot even imagine telling a friend I'd do something and then completely nonchalantly act like I never really meant it or simply think nothing of not remembering.  I know forgetful, that's when you truly intend to follow through...but that isn't the case here.   If this never happens to you, consider yourself lucky. 

This falsehood in communication can be disappointing and in many cases, hurtful.  No matter how innocently it has been presented.  Please people, think before you speak and say what you mean and then mean what you say!

Well don't I feel better now!
So let's go sew something...


carol said...

Sometimes I think it's easier just for some people to tell the person what they want to hear rather than the truth. I have a son who does this all the time and then he wonders why I get upset. At least you don't have a relative like that, like I do, so be happy! :D

Sparky said...

Ahhh you are talking to a mirror...I come across this all the time..and this is how I handle it...I don't expect anything anymore..that way I am not disappointed...if something does come out of it all..BONUS.
but that is me lol