Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mail Art

When I have the time, and I feel my mail recipient will enjoy it, I love to send their mail addressed in a fun way.  I do this because I think it is/would be fun to go to the mailbox and collect an artful envelope mixed in with the dreaded bills.

You all know that I love making and sending fabric postcards.  I've only managed to find two postcard swaps  to participate in and both are finishing up right now.

First was The Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap with the theme, Bloom.   The card could be made with any media or mix of media but had to have some stitching on it in some way.  My interpretation and creation with this

Always Look Your Blooming Best

I printed the woman from an add out of an old magazine onto photo paper then cut her out (except for her head).  I then rubber stamped the pocket watch, words, numbers and dots.  After that I stitched the photo in place, adding the fabric rose bud for her head and added some stitched lines.  This postcard was sent to New Zealand.

From my partner I received this beautifully sewn "Bloom" postcard that traveled to me all the way from North Yorkshire, England from Sarah.  It arrived marked "Royal Mail"...awesome, eh?  Thank you Sarah!
Also was the Fabric Postcard Swap with an End of Summer theme where we were to create in fabric our interpretation of what the end of summer means to us.  I stuck with a blooming theme with this postcard

The end of summer means the end of the explosion of color with flowers in the gardens that are everywhere we go.  I will miss that during the darker months (although those months won't be near as long here in California as they are in Wisconsin!)

And from my partner in this swap I received this one from Lisa, miniaturequilter.

She and her friend like to picnic and sew together in the summer.  She's got such cute fussy cuts added for the picnic but those marching ants really get my attention.  Thanks, Lisa!

I always send my postcards naked because to me, that's how postcards are meant to travel the world.  These little jewels of creation would be so fun mixed in with ordinary "bills" and "junk" mail.  But, alas, mine always come tucked inside an envelope, not looking much different than the rest of my mail.  I'm going to keep playing and one day I'm sure to get a naked postcard in my mail.

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  1. I guess I'm going to have to make you a naked postcard! I always send mine naked too. No reason the postal employees shouldn't enjoy them too.

  2. well you know I love your postcards..I think that was one of the first things that I noted about you..I was sew overwhelmed at your detail still am too .


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