Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fabric Postcard Recipients

I received overwhelmingly beautiful comments for my postcards.  Some were very touching stories.  So much so that I cannot resist wanting to make some very special cards.  And, surprisingly I found that I would love to make a card for everyone who would like one.  At this point that is not an impossible labor of love.  But for now,

My newest fabric postcard recipients are:

Tweet Bird will be mailed to Doris

Butterfly Post will be mailed to Terry

I just love that so many of you are so willing to help feed my addiction.  For a time now I will not lack for recipients, so I don't need to fret over making too many cards with no one to send them to...hooray for me!

Doris has reminded me that I challenged myself to make pillows and I'm now falling behind on that!  A few other works in progress going, but I'm always trying to sneak in a little break to make a postcard, so I'll have another offering soon.

Thank you all SO MUCH for your kind and wonderful words!