Friday, June 15, 2012

Hello, my name is Annie and I am a fabric postcard addict... 
...and you can help feed my addiction.

I've made a buncha fabric postcards over the past few years and sent them to family and friends for a variety of events or reasons.  But I'm worried now they may be tiring of them. 

But I'm not tired of making them!

This is where you come in.  I've had many admirers of my cards and I'm wondering if you would like to receive one?  As a follower appreciation gimmick giveaway, I want to sporadically offer up for grabs a postcard now and again.  Interested?

There won't be any jumping through hoops to win the cards, but since it's produced in appreciation of my followers and my flickr contacts, you have to be an already existing follower/contact when the card is offered up for grabs.

You can choose whether you would like me to mail the card to you from me (which means I write on it and address it to you and mail it to you naked), or you would like it to come to you ready for you to send yourself if you so choose to (which means I leave it blank and put it in an envelope to send to you). 

Mr. Random number picker will not be involved here.  I will just choose the winners, based on comments here and on flickr.  I would like to know that they go to caring homes.

Here are two cards up for grabs to start this off.  Let me know in your comment which one you would like.  Two recipients this time.

Tweet Bird

Butterfly Post

I so appreciate all the wonderful things many of you have commented in the past on my postcards.  I so love to make them.  Here's to hoping I will find some new recipients to send them to.  Cheers!