Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Art Journal Calendar 2013

December is complete.

I'm keeping the pages in a scrapbook album that is expandable.

As the album gets fuller, the page spreads will come together.

This is the cover page I've been working on.  Plenty of room to add years, but I'll see how many when the album won't hold any more pages.

I'm continuing this project into 2014, but with a different layout style.  With this change, it's more of a journal as you go, so the month layouts are not made ahead.  Much of the way through 2013, there were days when I felt like I wanted to be a bit more chatty sometimes, but the daily blocks limited that.  When a new page spread is complete, I'll show my progress.
"This moment is the most important thing happening right now."  Rodney White (?)


  1. December looks like you had a festive, busy month!

    How fun to see your year of calendars put in a journal - you will always treasure 2013!!

  2. Now I know why I like you so much...you're a fan of both the 49ers AND the Packers!! My favorite 2 teams in all of football. For full disclosure I should note I've been a Packers fan since 1965 and a 9ers fan only since 1981. I think we're twins.....but you're the creative one!!

  3. December looked like a good month and I enjoyed reading all the happy entries. It will be very interesting to read more chatty entries and maybe see more Annie-inspired journalling artwork. I've enjoyed reading all of your months, thanks for sharing your good times with us.

  4. Annie, I am really impressed with your dedication to this project. I never could have stuck with it. I have loved watching your progress. Now on to 2014. Great job!

  5. Annie love the December Sheet, great job. So enjoyed the visit.

  6. I love your color palette for Dec. Very busy girl! Looking forward to your calendars in 2014. Take care.

  7. December turned out very nicely. How fun to collect them all in an album to review and enjoy from time to time. January Joy Dear...

  8. Your calendars will be so much fun to look back on throughout the years......and we all love them too! Can't wait to see what 2014 brings!

  9. I do love the color red and your calendar is indeed a work of art. You know I will go to my grave envying the way you print. An art form all of its own.

  10. Annie, I love your December calendar pages! Great idea to use a tape measure...may steal that idea! I agree with Sandy, your printing is always perfect and artsy! Simply beautiful!
    Love the album cover and how you can add more years! Looking forward to your 2014 new layout and pages.

  11. Beautiful! Love your quote, too!

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