Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mail Art

You know I love making postcard mail art.  But it doesn't become real "mail art" unless it actually gets sent through the mail.  I have a few postcards looking for good homes.  If you see one you like, let me know.  I'd love to turn these into "real mail art".
Bird's-eye View (paper)
No Postage Necessary (paper)
A Song in Your Soul (paper)
2wenty Thr3e (fabric)
(I'm finally ready to part with this one)
 I've agreed to a couple of Valentine card swaps and got a bit carried away with ideas, so I have these Valentine theme postcards to send out if you'd like to receive a Valentine.
Sissy with Red Flowers (fabric)
Valentine Collage (paper)
Valentine Flourish (fabric)
Sometimes I get brave and just send a postcard as a surprise, but I really prefer sending a card when I know the recipient wants it and already likes it.  Many people say they'd love to have "any" of my cards, but I don't really believe that.  They couldn't possibly like everything I make.  Heck, I don't even like everything I make!  So, hint: your best chance of getting mail is to be specific about which card(s) you like best.
I don't usually share on my blog anymore the postcards that are made specifically for someone.  To see all my postcards, they are posted in my flickr photostream and in my flickr postcard sets.
I can't wait to drop these cards in the mail for some 
good mail days!  Thank you all so much for your continued encouragement and mostly for your support in enabling me to continue making mail art.