Thursday, February 19, 2015 boring. NOT

On the blog Mail Art Projects Louise is celebrating her 55th birthday this year and her wish is to receive 55 art envelopes in her mail. 

I've had this envelope, not knowing where to send it. So I've added Louise's upcoming age to the design and will be sending it to her. 

I added a Happy Birthday note on the back along with some other small artistic touches and it's ready for the mail. I have a feeling Louise will be receiving much more than 55 envelopes for this birthday celebration. 

I do not know Louise at all.  I just want to help her celebrate her birthday with this great art envelope project. You can send her an envelope too if you are so inclined. 

Happy Mail Day!


  1. What a kind idea, Annie.
    I've always like this piece, mainly because of the brilliant words and the lady who is saying them, but of course I like all the rest of it too.

  2. You are a sweetie! I know she will love it!

  3. How very fun to mail your beautiful art to someone for a surprise birthday gift. This is like Random Acts of Mail I do each week except mostly ours is health related or worse. Very seldom Happy Birthday cheer. Love your art and Creative Envelope Bliss...

  4. Aren't you a sweetie to send her a card to celebrate her birthday. Nice to have things just waiting around to surprise someone, huh? She will love it!

  5. I loved this piece when I 1st saw it and it's still just as awesome!!! She will love it!!! I bet it will be the prized piece if her collection! !!

  6. Beautiful envelope! I'm sure she will love it.

  7. I sent her an envelope, too. What a fun birthday for her. I'm sure she'll get way more than 55 pieces of mail art. I received a lovely reply from her as well.


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