Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Journaling Craze

My December 2015 Calendar Journal was a fun month to document and attempt some more creative looking day blocks.

A creative lettering style that always catches my attention is now being practiced by me ..... a lot.  Along with other styles.  Drawing letters/words is a painstakingly slow process ..... for me.  I bravely even practice it on mail art envelopes too.  I'm not so good at it.  I'm not even going to say 'yet'.  But if you view it from, say, ten feet away, not too shabby looking.  LoL

On Pinterest I see loads of something new to me.  Bullet Journals.  From what I can figure about them is that they are just lists.  Daily lists.  And people go to a lot of work making these daily lists.

My mind is not what it used to be and it never is spending much time thinking about what I 'should' be doing.  It's always thinking about PLAYING.  This means it's necessary that I make myself lists.  On-going lists.  But I just keep a spiral journal on my desk always with the on-going list of things I need to remember to do, and dates of events that I need to remember are approaching.

The pages get flipped back and forth until 'stuff' gets crossed off.  It also contains ideas and drawing illustrations of ideas for PLAYING.  I even tape things into it that I don't want to loose.  And bits of trimmed off Washi Tapes.  All kinds of stuff really.  It's just what comes to mind at the moment that I don't want to forget.  Or a lot of things that I keep forgetting until I get it written down.  It keeps me on track and on time.

My conclusion to Bullet Journals is that I already have one in a more relaxed format.

Make your day creative!


  1. Okay I feel left behind since I don't know "bullet journals". I do like your relaxed spiral journal of daily lists and happenings. I sort of do something similar. I use a spiral steno book and keep lots of notes and to do items and notes. I don't even know if "Steno" books are still available. I love your December calendar journal pages. Very artsy and fabulous. However, I don't do artsy so well. I am better with simple. 2016 is going to be an amazing year dear...

  2. Your December journal Calendar is just plain ole winter FUN.
    It just makes me smile. Your script looks great. I haven't seen the bullet journals yet. I do like your note book, I use whatever scrap of paper I can find. Not always an efficient way to keep track of things. ;-}

  3. The daily list - how does anyone survive without it? I got smart this year and printed a calendar and put it in a three ring binder ... With blank pages for the notes. I do love a fresh start at the beginning of the year and I might try some of the casual embellishment that you practice.

  4. I'm still at the write it down after I do it, so I can cross it off my list phase - in other words, way behind the bullet when it comes to list making!

  5. Oh but your writing is heavenly my lovely Annie, I so wish I could write like that,it's a real talent you've got there. I don't think there's anything new you could learn as you are one funky lady that's right at the cutting edge anyway ;)
    Donna xxx

  6. What a fabulous December calendar! It is such a treat to see how you embellish your days with such creativity. Love seeing what you do!

  7. Unbelievably wonderful -- you certainly are the master of design.
    What a good idea to keep a list on your desk - I have a list in my mind all the time - of course it gets sifted and sorted and I forget what it was that I wanted to do!
    Back to your December spread -- you know I have always said your calendars are works of art and this is the best yet!!!!
    Do I look for a calendar spiral note book?
    Swoon ......
    Sandy xx

  8. I love your calendar journals. I try to figure out how to do one myself. Don't know if I can find the right way.

  9. Annie I love how Happy your December calendar page looks. I think you need to creative what's in your heart and what's you. It's great to get inspired by others, but your own style will always show through no matter what.

  10. Bullet Journals? Best is a bit of cardboard, then if some tasks stay on too long you can just throw it away, s'wot I do.
    I agree with Inky, that your own hand-writing is divine, and needs no improvement whatsoever.
    I always love to have a good look at your month's activities, they always look fun. Glad you leave out any not-so-good bits. I quite like when you have a picture day too.
    My favourite days of your days are 1, 4, 7 and 29.
    Happy 2016!

  11. you are so organized....love it

  12. I love the birdie on 29! So adorable! I think bullet lists are just too...too...too regimented. I need to relax more in personal stuff. Too many lists on the business side of things already. LOL

  13. Bullet journal! That is just what I need, I think. Nothing else seems to work for me. Thanks for the info.


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