Friday, May 27, 2016

New Recipe Cards

Yummy Favorites

I'm trying only to make recipe cards for favorite dishes and desserts that I make time and again.  And I seldom follow an original recipe exactly as I find it.  There's usually a little too much of this or I don't like that, I'll leave it out, etc.  I think most every cook does that.

This one is so delicious that it's hard for me to want to cook asparagus any other way.  There's never any leftovers with this side dish.

Sometimes I don't pay much attention to the cooking times.  Like on this one, I don't know how long I sauté the asparagus.  I just keep poking it with a fork until I feel it's ready for the next step.  I suppose the times must be pretty close though.

This dessert is so yummy, and it's most yummiest is the next day.  So I make it a day ahead of time.

Look at the fun idea I thought of for making this card work.  I can't believe I even thought of doing it this way.  I'll be making more like this rather than the pieces that just swing out of the way and turn upside down.

The recipe box itself has finally gotten some scrapbook paper on it to cover the craft paper mache color.  Then some Washi Tape on the edges.  What to do on it next hasn't come to me yet.

The cards inside.

Nope, not the easiest filing system for recipes, but since they will only be favorite ones, I don't expect that they will become so many that I won't be able to locate what I want.

I have a little more time than I used to, to do the cooking.  I'm scaring the crap out of myself, but I'm almost starting to like it ...on some days.

I've made stuffed mushrooms twice now looking for a really good ingredient combination.  So far I'm not very impressed.  Have you got one you love?

Happy Cooking!
(Did I really say that?!)


Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

Annie I had to laugh when you wrote "salute the asparagus"! I know that was a typo, but I have this image in my head now of you saluting the asparagus instead of sauteing it, lol!!! (also "scaring the crap"). Sometimes typos can be hilarious! Anyhow I think your recipe cards are so fun and love the box too. Happy weekend cooking to you too.

jenclair said...

:) I plan on saluting my asparagus from this time forth! Love, love your recipe cards; this would be a great way to share recipes with family and friends. I might even enjoy making creating a few favorite recipe cards to send to my daughters, but it is way too late for me to love cooking.

Lesley said...

Gorgeous cards! Great idea to have your art in a recipe box!

sheila 77 said...

Your recipe cards do look like fun and cheerful too, I can see why it would make cooking a whole lot more cheerful to do.
I like your "swinging" flaps, nice work. Good to see the detailed recipes too, I'll be trying the asparagus one.
"Poking with a fork" - best ever useful cooking technique.

Tera Callihan said...

Very pretty "favorite recipe" collection!

journalady® said...

Annie . . . I'm trying to see what size these are? 3-1/2 x 5 or 4 x 6 or . . . LOVE the idea! Would love to make one for you . . . tell me another one of your favorite dishes . . .

Inky and Quirky Designs said...

Oh wow only you can make an art form out of recipe cards Annie! Love these and that dessert just looks out of this world,you are such a clever young lady aren't you ;)
Donna xx

Deb said...

Never would have thought to put ginger with asparagus, you have me intrigued, will have to try it! And love your new idea for the 'swing outs' on your recipe cards, brilliant! My hubby is the cook in our family, I can barely boil water without burning it and follow recipes religiously for fear of wrecking the meal! Happy cooking, I envy you your expertise. Deb xo

Sandy said...

This is such a fantastic idea -- You are absolutely right - I have printed off your recipes both look fantastic. I need some good veggie recipes. I think you could make a wonderful recipe blog and I would read every single one of them!!
sandy xx