Sunday, May 15, 2016

Recipe Cards

Every once in a while I manage to talk myself into getting some recipe cards made.  After I finally tweak a recipe to my liking, it's like a week-long convincing to pull the typewriter out and get to it.  The recipes are beginning to stack up.

I always enjoy making them, it's just getting the typing done that gets in the way.  I don't know why.

I've already done most of the recipes that only have a few ingredients.  Now for the recipes that require more than the 4" X 6" space of the card.

Brads seemed like a good idea to keep everything together but to be able to move sections out of the way for prep and cooking.  They are working out very well.

Yes, now I have a new supply of fun brads.  It's always something else we need on hand,  isn't it.  And it MUST be an assortment...not just any old brad will do.  You know what I mean.

AND, you know me, the backs can't be boring!

Sometimes the back is where the food photo ends up too.  I really like the food photo on the front with the rest of the recipe, but if I've made the dish enough, I guess I'm ok with the photo on the back.

These cards are so much better than the mess my recipes are in while they wait their turn to become artsy looking as well as delicious.

I don't like wasting my life with cooking.  But I don't like eating bad food either.  Any opportunity to make the chore "seem" more enjoyable, I'm all for it.  And artsy recipe cards at least make the start of this chore more fun.  I truly wish I enjoyed cooking because I'm actually pretty good at it.

Happy Eating!


  1. Oooh now these do look fab, I absolutely hate cooking but of course enjoy eating so this sounds like something I may need in my life too Annie ;)
    Donna xx

  2. Oh, WoW--these are wonderful! I might even learn to love to cook if I had these cards, but I know I'd be delayed each time admiring the card!

  3. Investing time cooking is not my favorite since the results are gone in mere minutes. However...I do LOVE your ARTSY recipes cards. They make cooking look like a really fun activity. Yes, a good assortment of brads is essential to crafting my dear. Embracing Creative Bliss...

  4. Oh my gosh, another creative endeavor. LOve, love, love these cards.

  5. Yes, cooking while looking at these pretty recipes cards would make cooking more fun. Some of your recipes look very interesting.
    Having the photo of the dish is good too. How very cool that you use a typewriter rather than a computer printer, I can see that this adds to the artsy look, as does your decorations like a butterfly or pretty stamps and paper. Clever idea to use brads to hold the bits together and to also look at the required bit easily, and a good excuse (reason) to buy some special brads.

  6. Wow... Annie, this is fantastic. I really love cooking, so I think that your recipe cards are fabulous, and brads are a great idea to move the different sections. Your recipes look delicious! A great job!
    Hugs, Mar

  7. What a great way to make the chore of cooking more fun! I've resorted to typing new recipes in Word and saving them on the computer. Otherwise I know they'll never make it into any recipe file.

  8. These look such fun. Great idea and yes assorted brads are a must in any art room. As usual your ideas spill over to the back of your cards. I might not get any cooking done for looking at all your art work

  9. Annie - this would take a lot of work but you are such a clever lady to do it. When I tear out recipes in magazines I throw them all in this basket that I have - when the basket gets full, I jut throw away all the recipes. I have more cookbooks than the law ought to allow. But I always cook the same old thing!!!!
    Sandy xx

  10. I am are so organized and love the fun

  11. Those cards are beautiful and so inspiring. I need to get organized, but do not have the patience or talent to do something like these. These cards are awesome.

  12. What a wonderful idea Annie ,love your recipe cards and the multiple panels that can be moved out of the way is a brilliant idea! And where oh where did you get those brads, they are fabulous! Thanks for sharing these, Deb xo


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