Friday, October 28, 2016

Halloween Postcards

These Ghastlie Witches were sent to Washington to haunt there permanently.  I know they'll do a good job of it.  Best keep one eye on these ladies, Opal.

The address/correspondence side.

Ms. Skellie is out again and she's gone to visit her biggest fan, my daughter.

For the address side I found these sticker portraits that change faces at certain angles.

Creepy fun!

Have a fun spooky week!


  1. the club of the witches interests me!

  2. I adore your witches--actually Mrs. Skellie is also a favorite. I love your postcards, front and back! And how cool are those sticker portraits?

  3. These are fan-freaking-tastic!!! đź’™

  4. Love the first one. They are all great. You do such good work. But the others kind of creep me out. LOL

  5. Wow! Wow and triple Wow! and a great big Boo to you!!
    These are so wonderful Annie - I just wished you loved doing it so much that you had a over flow and would have your own etsy shop!!!
    I made a Halloween pocket letter that I thought turned out really good but I can't post it until my friend receives it!
    I have more books now to read than I ever have had - love it!!!!
    Keep those post cards coming Annie - they are fabulous!!
    Sandy xx

  6. I loved those little witches and am still working on my latest little witch quilt. I am constantly blown away with your accurate stitching of the satin seam borders and the stitches to hold the witches in place. Stunning and fun - just like all of your work!

  7. Oh Annie, I love your Halloween postcards. My favorite is the little witches but they are all great. How much fun is that sticker that changes?

  8. The four witches are terrific on the orange design (is it fabric or paper?), a lovely contrast. I love the striped edges too, it looks pink and black from here, love the pink and the October 31st strip - and do you really have a postage stamp like that, love it too.
    Ms. Skellie is terrifying with all her accompaniments including the skeleton head. I'm impressed by the changing portrait head but even more impressed that you actually managed to get a good photograph of both.

  9. How creepy is that portrait? Scare the postman! Your work is always so well thought out. Like the stripy edging on the witches postcard. They look as if they are really brewing up some real trouble.

  10. Ooooh blimey these have all scared me so much I'm going to have to check under the bed and in the wardrobes tonight Annie bah hah hah
    Donna xx

  11. Wooooo, spooky indeed, wonderful Halloween postcards, love the witches and of course Miss Skelly and the hologram sticker is fabulous! Deb xo

  12. Your Halloween postcards are FUN, SPOOKY and FABULOUS. Great find in those holographic face stickers. Lots of Treats here dear.

  13. These are fabulous and I love them both very much, Annie!!! Opal and your daughter must have been excited when they got the cards.
    I hope you had a wonderful Halloween.
    xo Julia

  14. Gorgeous! I love that black and white trim.

  15. Love the witches! You make the best postcards ever!


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