Saturday, January 7, 2017

January Cards

My January cards are inspired by some scrapbook borders I saw on Pinterest.  I thought I'd try the idea on my scrapbook pages (but who knows when that will happen).  So I took the inspiration to my cardmaking (which is my current passion for creativity at the moment).

They don't look anything like the Pinterest borders, but that's why we call it inspiration.

I've been having some fun with foil and glitter cardstock.

This thank you card is for a guy.  I was going for an industrial look.  That was pretty fun to work on.

The foil is reflecting and looks yellow, but it's really silver.

This little Tim Holtz punch birdie is turning into quite the family and showing up in many of my cards.  

All the teeny tiny rhinestone gems and metals are for nail art. But I have trouble getting them to stick well and stay on my nails.  Now they are a favorite paper crafting supply.

If I could keep my nose out of books, I could have half a year of cards made already.  But the stories keep calling to me and I must answer.  I love to read.



  1. Reading is a very rewarding pastime as we are carried away by the written words and storyline. Your cards are beautiful and so much more special than store bought. I love that you repurposed nail art materials into card embellishments. Your industrial gear card looks like elegant Steampunk (which I am enchanted by) and an guy should feel honored to receive this card. Great 2017 Beginnings Dear...XO

  2. :0 Reading as an addiction is often under-diagnosed! Love your new cards! They will be a great pleasure to the recipients. :)

  3. Welcome to the wonderful world of card making Annie.....and you've created some real yummy eye candy here girl! There really is no end to your talents is there
    Happy New Year to my absolute favourite sewing lady ;)
    Donna xx

  4. Off to a great start!!! I've sent out 2 birthday cards for this month... (Ones I already had made), I should have taken pictures.... Then I could have blogged them and had ideas for down the road... Lol I need to start Feb. I have a wedding, and 2 birthdays (maybe 3). Then Vday of course....

  5. Wonderful cards Annie - so smart of you to have a card or two ready to go when you need one!
    Sandy xx

  6. I agree, the little birdie is seriously sweet and so usable.
    It's lovely how you have arranged the vertical border strip.
    Both the flowery one and the snowflake one are beautiful, but maybe the snowflake one has the edge. I love the minimalism of these, but realise they are not minimalistic to design, that's your skill.
    One for the guy is pretty good too, a clever masculine design.

  7. Love your cards. I don't understand how you make each one look so perfect. Love the birdie ones.

  8. Your cards are looking good. The man receiving one is sure to be happy. The writing and embellishments look 3D. great effect.

  9. These cards are beautiful! I love how you did the borders. I had to pin the 2nd one-I love that industrial look! :)

  10. Another adventure into card making! They are beautiful, of coarse! Love the little birdie! Annie, what are you reading....always looking for some good suggestions.

  11. Lovely cards Annie, love the detail 😊

  12. I'm going bonkers over these cards! Especially the masculine one (which I think anyone would love). What a cool design and color scheme!


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