Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Just Because Card

I so seldom take the time to make a "just because" card these days.  So it felt quite refreshing to do exactly that.  My daughter will be so surprised.

I bought a hearts set of rubber stamps that I have been resisting for almost 2 years.  But now I had to have them.  My Valentine card for my daughter is already done, but I so wanted to play with these heart stamps.  So a "Just Because" card was just the ticket.

I begin with an A2 (4.25" X 5.5") card made from 140# smooth white cardstock.  

When I only have one sheet of a scrapbook paper design I love, I photocopy it then cut the photocopy to the size of my card front and spray glue it on.

  Next comes all the fun stamping and inking.

And then when I love how the card turns out, I have a terrible time letting it go.  This one I thought would make a fun art postcard (that I could keep). You'd think that would be simple but it took 3 tries. And the postcard is a bit longer, so the larger heart worked better here.

I think this design has room for another play day.  I can see adding a small stamped "h e" in front of "art" to change the sentiment to "Follow your heart". Do you see it?  :-)

Happy "Just Because" mail day!


  1. Annie you are so excellent at making HeArt! I love your Just Because crad and postcard. Lovely use of heart stamps. <3

  2. Follow your art/follow your heart - beautiful idea and beautiful cards.

  3. Yay I love when I seen a blog post pop up from my favourite American lady ;). LOVE this one Annie, are those the Dina stamps? I have them too and they're fab aren't they. Well looks like another work of art you've created that should be in a gallery ;)
    Donna xx

  4. Just because I really enjoy following you (love your quilting) and you have a new make! Wonderful card Sugar.
    sandy xx

  5. Love the art Annie. My daughter would love the second one with the sheet music in the heart. Hmm now you got me thinking I should make something like that for her.

  6. Very good idea to photocopy a favourite piece. I also do that. Your art card will certainly turn into heart by the time you are finished.

  7. Just becauses are great. These heart stamps look terrific with the different insides. I especially like the first one with the random patchwork effect. Nice work with the script and the writing too, your stamping is immaculate. Isn't it funny how you can make something then try to remake it with exactly the same materials and it doesn't look the same.

  8. I love it...Just Because cards! Your stamping is always fun and thanks for the tip to copy favorite scrapbook paper. I wouldn't have thought of that. ❤️

  9. This is beautiful!!! I love It ♡♡♡

  10. A super card Annie! Love the design and fab stamping. Mar :)

  11. Another fabulous creation, you are a master at card making!

  12. I love the way both cards turned out! What a clever way to "reuse" a solitary piece of scrapbook paper!


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